Sunday, July 31, 2011

Father's Day Golf Trip

For Father's Day Ryan didn't want a traditional gift, he wanted a gift of time. He wanted for Payne and I to go to the golf course and ride around with him for a round of golf.
Well, first yes it is the end of July and we just did this because we have been so busy. Second, we did pick the hottest time of the year! 
It was a lot of fun though. Payne slept for the first two holes. Then he woke up and decided to play a bit, but by the time the 7th hole rolled around he was done. So we only hung out for 9 holes.
 Daddy teeing off on the first tee.
 Mommy and Payne hanging out in the cart! Yes, we put his car seat in the cart and it was a perfect fit!

 One of Payne's favorite things right now is a golf ball! So he chased the golf ball around the green.
 Waiting in the cart for the people in front of us.

Daddy was nice enough to park us in the shade everytime, but you can see how hot we were! Poor Payne's cheeks were so red! 
 Then it was dinner time!

Happy Father's Day Ryan! We love you!
Hope this is a tradition we can keep up every year!

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Trumbo Family said...

I am fully aware that the carseat fits so perfectly and snugly in that cart. So aware that by the time Trenton was 3 weeks old, Matt knew that if he wanted to golf at 7:00am, he had a new golf buddy! Train em young girl!!