Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Payne's First Hair Cut

We had Payne's first hair cut almost a month ago, but that was the day we came down with the stomach virus thing so well, I never blogged about it! 
I was going to get my hair cut and so Julee just cut Payne's hair as well. Ally and Ryan came by to take puctures for me since I was holding the little man. He looks so much older now! But, I do miss that long piece on top! He has had it forever! 

 Payne's wings!
 I think P was a little confused on what we were about to do to him.
 Julee gave him a comb to entertain him. It didn't last long.
 There it is! The extremely long piece of hair!
 He was pretty proud of his new hair cut!

 Thanks Julee!!! We can't wait to meet Preslee!


Kirby and Anna said...

What a cutie... I love the new style :)

Sara said...

Can you gove me your email address so I can give you my thoughts on the trial? I can't seem to find it on your blog:)