Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Party and Flowers!

SHOW US YOUR LIFE-Wedding and Wedding Party!

The church!
This is the church where we got married in Little Rock. We didn't know about it until after two months of looking for a church to get married in. Since we were getting married on a holiday weekend and we wanted to use our own minsters finding a church was hard. The church where I grew up didn't have center aisle and that was a dream of mine to walk down the center aisle. But when we found this church it was perfect! Everyone there was so helpful!

Tanarah did my flowers and she is WAY AWESOME! If you are planning a wedding in the Little Rock area please use her! You will be so glad!

This flower balls were on either side of the sidewalk as you walked up to the church.
These wreaths were my one and only request for flowers! I loved them and wanted to use them over and over! You will see them again at the reception. And if I could have, they would have been on the getaway car.

The flowers up at the altar. Simple yet beautiful.All the girls bouquets.

Our wedding party was the best!
We had 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 3 ushers, 2 house party, 2 flower girls, and 1 ring bearer.

The bridesmaids!
Here are the bridesmaids at my house before we went to the church. We got ready at my mom's because it was just down the street from the church.

They jumped on my mom's bed before this picture but I was not apart of it and don't think I have any pictures of that! I got them all matching robes to wear while getting ready that had their initials on them.

Gus came to do my make-up. She is the best! Thanks Gus!
My mom made food for all the girls and everyone else who came by to eat before we went to the church. Sad to say that I only saw this for about 2 secs so thanks Kelley for taking pictures!
Here were all my personal goodies! Here our rings.

The gold on the right side was my mom's mom's ring. That was my something old.

Something Old: My Gran's ring
Something New: My dress and shoes!
Something Borrowed: My veil from one of my best friends! ABBY!
Something Blue: My panties

I put on my dress at home so we could take pictures with my mom on the right. The wonderful lady on the left is Mrs. Jani, she was a wedding coordinator who was the best! Thanks!

At the church

Kelley and I before getting ready!
Mrs. Diana helping me put on my dress again at the church. Mrs. Diana was one of the wedding coordinators that was amazing and I can't thank her enough!

My shoes that I just love!
Abby and I

Emilee and I
Kelley and I again.

Rachie and I!Ali and I! She was my Maid of Honor and I am hers in December! She also now my sister-in-law! I love her that much, I married her brother!

The Groomsmen!

The boys getting ready.
Ryan's dad (Best man) helping him out bu lint rolling him.
Tim getting his flowers pinned on!
Don't worry Mr. Randy's still lint rolling! I was glad he helped everyone out and made them look perfect! Joshua helping Adam out!
The boys relaxing and eating before the wedding started.

Flower Girls!

This is Bella, my oldest of the 2 flower girls! She did so good! Her mom had her practicing before the wedding on how to place the flowers. Before she went down the aisle she decided she didn't want to go because she was hungry and thirsty. Luckily, Mrs. Joyce got her to go. When she got to the end of the aisle and ran out of flowers she just set her basket down and looked at Ryan for her next move. Ryan found her mom in the crowd and Bella ran to her. Great job Bella!

Sallie Grace is the second on my flower girls! She didn't go down the aisle because she was only 9 months old. We were so happy she got to be part of our special day. We actually ask Renee and Rich if Sallie could be our flower girl before she was even born. She was born 5 days after we got engaged!

Sadly, we don't have any of the ring bearer yet! Though he was really cute and did an excellent job! He stood up at the front the entire wedding. During the last prayer he looked up at our friend Tim and told him he was bored and his feet hurt! Haha! I laughed when I heard that story! Great job, Henry!

Wedding Party!

Ryan and I saw each other before the wedding. Here are some picture of us and the girls watching us through the windows.
Can I go, Can I go! I was so excited!
There is my big cheesy face I get when I am excited and nervous!

After everyone was ready we walked around the church grounds and took some pictures.

Walking around the church.

Walking out behind the church.
Ryan and I outside. It was beautiful day!

Then our family came for pictures. There is a lot of them so it took a while for all the pictures.
These are my two oldest cousins! We have been together through thick and thin and I love them more than life! Thanks for being there! Robert walked my grandmother down the aisle and Lauren was bridesmaid!
Here is Ryan's family. They came from all over the state plus Iowa! Thanks to everyone for coming!
My momma and me! Thanks momma for a perfect wedding! We have a huge family and I was telling who everyone was and my lovely Aunt Karen thought it was funny and took a picture of me!

The wedding!

My papa walking me down the aisle. He did so good. He didn't run like during the rehearsal. And he didn't cry that I saw.

Ryan and I saying our vows.

A view from the back of the church. Look how beautiful the church is.
The kiss!

Thanks for coming and looking at my wedding! I loved talking about it! Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your thoughts!!!

Come back next week for the reception!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday and Movies!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Debbie! Hope you have a great day!

Well, this summer I have watched more movies then I ever did my entire college career. Some of the movies I have watched are:

Benjamin Button

Great movie. It didn't end like I thought. Still an excellent movie!

Bride War's

I guess since I just got married I'd like this movie but, no! Not for me.

Seven Pounds

Best movie I have seen in a while! It makes you wanna go out and help other people!

Slumdog Millionaire

Great movie too. A little long but, great movie overall!

New in Town

Sweet movie. Ryan and I watched it during one of our date nights. He picked it out!

He's Just Not That Into You

Kind of corny. Not really sure that I liked it.

Well, all in all this has been the greatest form of entertainment for me this summer with Ryan working and golfing. Redbox is the best thing for me! Let me know if there are any other movies you think I should watch!