Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, after Spring Break I changed classrooms again for my last placement of my internship. I moved down to Kindergarten. It is so fun in there. They love to tell you anything and are always trying to help me no matter what it is, and they love to give anybody advice. I have found that they are more dependent on a teacher to help them to do things but that is ok with me because the work is pretty simple. I have been there now two weeks and I am already teaching calendar, phonics, math, and science. I don't have any really funny stories to tell yet but I will let you know if I do.
Though I will say I really miss my first graders and I wish I could split my time with both classes. Though one of the best parts about changing grades is that you get to know so many more students in the building and that is something i enjoy a lot.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stock the Bar Shower

Joshua, Elizabeth, Tim, Matt, Brittani, Allison, and Baxter all hosted a Stock the Bar shower for us a few weekends ago. It was a great time to just hang out and get to see some friends. Here are a few pictures from the night. Thank you all it was a fun night! Though everyone turned in by 10 o'clock. I think we must be getting old.

Joshua, Ryan, and Adam. These boys were long time roommates. Both boys are groomsmen in the wedding.
The two boys, Matt and Tim, who take Ryan away from me the most. But I love them both! They also are both groomsmen in the wedding.

Ryan and Conner. They have been playing in golf tournaments together for a long time and were both Kappa Sigma's together. Conner will also be a groomsmen in our wedding.

Amy, me, and Ali the best roommates ever! I love you all! Allison is my maid of honor and Amy is part of our house party. Ryan and I before we opened presents! Thanks to everyone who came we love each and everyone. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends like you all!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

LUCY! Our puppy!

While we were gone to Colorado we had to leave our Lucy in good care of Joshua. Ryan's roommate who is always kind of enough to take of Lucy while we are gone. So when I got back Ryan brought her over to come play with me. Here are a few pictures of out play date.

She loves to play fetch. I think she would go get anything you threw for her.

After many game so fetch she took at nap. Such a sweet puppy. (yes she is a 4 year old puppy)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Five/Six: Driving home.

On Thursday night Rae-Marie and I wanted to go to Cold Stone to get some ice cream because, well ice cream is good. So we left and went down there about 7:35 so we could be back in time for Grey's. Cold Stone is only about 75ft. from our condo. Once we got to Cold Stone the line was out the door as normal so we were freezing standing outside when fire trucks, police, and ambulances come rushing to the condos where we were staying. So nosey me had to go back up the hill and find out what was happening. Come to find out someone that pulled the fire alarm in the main building of the condos. So I went back to Cold Stone and got my ice cream and then Rae-Marie and I ran back t watch Grey's because it was now 8:10, Cold Stone took forever! We got back in the condo and no one was there. I tried to call Dad. Tracey, and Ryan but of course no answer. So about 30 minutes later I tried Tracey again and she answered and told me to pack my things we were leaving now. They had packed all the bags in the car already. I was so confused we were supposed to leave in the morning. What was I to due with my ice cream and watching Grey's??? But I packed my stuff up an finished watching Grey's and then we headed down to the car to finish packing it up. Here are the pictures of us leaving that night!

This was the time we left at night, that would be 10:29 Arkansas time.
The three of us laid down the in back with about 15 blankets and pillows and slept through the night.

Our wonderful nighttime drivers! Thanks!

Needless to say we did make it back to Fayetteville about 12:30 the next day with only small issues like major traffic jams in the middle of the night in Denver, Tulsa traffic jams because they don't know how to merge traffic, and Oklahoma's Air Traffic Control monitoring the highway from the air and radioing it down to 15 police officers so they could pull people over. (UNFAIR)
We dropped Ryan off in Fayetteville and the rest of us went on to Little Rock. They dropped me off at my mom's house at about 4:00 to try on my wedding dress for the first time since it was ordered. It was too big, so we will have to get that fixed. But Mrs. Debbie came to pick me up we went headed about to Fayetteville at 4:30. Needless to say we hit another traffic jam in Conway which took an hour to get through so we did not make it back to Fayetteville until 8:30. All in too if you look at the first picture above I rode around in a car for 23 hours. I was pooped! The end of the Colorado adventures!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Five: 2 Men and 1 Girl

Today Mike, Rae-Marie, and I went out for our last day skiing. Tracey was going to stay at the condo and work and Sarah was going to edit her final paper for the Masters in Elementary Ed. program. We decided to head to Peak 10 which we hadn't been to all week; 3 Blue-Blacks and 2 Blacks. We ran down 5 runs in less than an hour. We then decided to head over to Peak 8 where the T-Bar is located. We skied down a few more blacks and then decided to hit the Double Black Bowls on the back of the mountain. Lunch time: we were exhausted, 10 runs by noon. We ate at Vista Haus again, the BBQ was amazing! It was kinda of nice just to sit and relax for a little bit and enjoy the weather. After lunch, we headed down a few blacks we hadn't yet done but found out they were very slushy (temps in low 50s). It was then time to hit one more part of the mountain we hadn't yet ventured to this week, E-Chair Lift. A two person lift that went very quick. Mike and I rode up together and Rae-Marie was right behind us. She had a some trouble unloading, like missed the unloading area, and had to bail out about 5 ft. above the ground; needless to say it didn't end well (but I won't bore you with the details)! She was a pretty shaken up so we thought one more run on the back and then call it a day.

Oh yeah, Sarah and Tracey got bored at the condo so they decided to go to Silverthorne to the Outlet Mall. What a surprise!!

What a great vacation! I think we will all be paying for it tomorrow and the days to come!

Thank you Mr. Mike and Tracey, we all had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Four: Skiing with no plan!

Ryan and I on the way to Beaver Creek!

Today we went over to Beaver Creek to see what that mountain was about. We drove around and looked for the placed to park and discover that you could be dropped off at the bottom of the lift. So Dad and Tracey dropped Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I off at the top and all the skis. We looked at the map but it was confusing and just easier to just go to the top and see what was up there.

Ryan and I waiting for Dad and Tracey to get up there so we could start skiing. Rae-Marie and I waiting. It was hot at the bottom of the mountain with that many clothes on.

After we got on the lift and it went uphill and downhill, which scared me. I was not expecting the lift to go downhill. We finally made it to the top and started down a green run to warm up and see how this mountain was going to treat us. All was well except it was a little too easy and too icy. On the way down I decided we needed to have a photo shoot!

My dad and I skiing!
Ryan and I!
The boys!The girls!

Since it was so easy, Dad sent Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I to the harder side of the mountain. In order to get to the other side you had to go down this cat walk crap. We finally get to the lift that takes you to the other mountain and we ski up and I look at the big sign that tells about the mountain, the lift, and where it is taking you. When I looked at it all I saw was that it took you to DOUBLE BLACK DIAMONDS! No I didn't freak out, I was just going to get on it and see where it took me! After all I had been skiing for 2 hours now and not looking at a map so what the heck! But Ryan freaked out and pulled out the map when we were about 3 people back in line to get on the lift. Needless to say I start freaking out that he isn't going to be ready to get on the lift. So I start telling him to get ready so he is trying and we are lined up (left to right) Ryan, Rae-Marie, and me and the chair comes around from the left. Therefore reaching the left person first, Ryan. Well he isn't going to quite make it up to the line so he tries to scoot over so that he will miss you chair but didn't get far enough out of the way. The arm rest of the chair caught him between the legs and he falls onto the chair laying down, skis in the air, poles flapping everywhere! Then the chair hit Rae-Marie so she lands on top of Ryan! Therefore now they are both laying down on the chair stacked on top of each other! I am dying laughing and trying to make it on the chair myself because at this point they still hadn't stop the lift! Probably cause they were laughing to hard! Needless to say they finally stopped the chair after we had already gotten in the air and they had sat up! We were laughing so hard we couldn't even answer the lift operator when he asked if we were ok! This was the down fall of actually being good skiers for the day! After that everything was falling apart! But it was the funniest thing!
Now remember we are on the way to the top of this mountain and all we know that is up there is double black diamonds! We finally made it off the lift and we found a green that we thought we could take. Never did we consult a map to see what was on the other end! We just start skiing. We then came up on this sign!
I want to take Cinch down but Ryan looks at the map and tells me the only way to the restaurant is to take the black. So I said what the heck let's go. But first I wanted to take the picture to make sure everyone knew that I did go down the black! It really wasn't bad and headed down to the restaurant to rest and eat a snack sitting in the snow! Here is a picture of me sitting at the restaurant looking back up at the black run I did!
Well the after the rest we went back to the top using another lift and I found a run for Ryan and Rae-Marie could take that was through the woods and I could go down the green run next to them. After I waited on them forever at the end of the run they finally came and they said it was a pretty intense run through the woods with the whole 6ft. wide path being moguls. Then we went to lunch. My dad met us there and Tracey went to the bottom to hang out.
Afternoon skiing was OK but it was so warm that the snow was starting to melt and become slushy. We skied several runs once again not really knowing where we were going we just went. It was a lot of fun and I laughed all day long because so many funny things happened! Overall, this was my favorite day of skiing but I didn't really like Beaver Creek! It was the people I was with that made it all fun!

Happy Easter early! This was carved out at the top of one of the lifts! It was really cool!

Day Three: Taking it easy!

Well we slept in today and took the day off of skiing. My dad made us a big breakfast that consisted of biscuits, eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was very good and I really enjoyed it! Thanks dad! Then we all got ready and went to Dillon to go shopping at the outlet mall. I was super excited because they have a Banana Republic outlet. Though I did find a pair of jeans and a cute top I didn't buy then because of this budget thing has got me thinking differently. Ryan and I are taking Financial Peace University at church on Wednesday nights. It teaches you all about money and how to manage it so that you will live like no one else so later you can Live Like No One Else. Therefore before I buy anything now I really think about if I need it or not. And well I guess I decided I didn't need new clothes. Then we stop at Quizno's for lunch like we do every time we shop there. Then we headed back to the condo. I was ready for a nap but Ryan wanted to go shopping on Main Street and find him a Breckenridge t-shirt. So we did that for about a hour and half then I was so tired we came back to rest. But that didn't happen, we are still working on signing papers for the house so that is what we spent our time before dinner doing! We each sign 30 more pages of paper work! I am so tired of signing papers I just want me house!! Anyways the night ended with a good dinner that Tracey made of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Then movie night in the big screen where we watch Milk. It was pretty good but you know how I get with movies at night in the dark...I had to get my a pre-to-bed for about 30 minutes. All in all it was a good day and we all turned in early to get ready to get up early to go to Beaver Creek in the morning to go skiing. We are going to try out a different mountain. I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Two: Another Great Day!!!

Well today was beautiful! I wore 2 less layers than yesterday! ( I had on 6 on yesterday) Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I headed over to Peak 7 this morning for several blue runs. This is my favorite of the 4 peaks. We got in about 7 runs before things started to get really crowded so we decided to break for lunch. Ryan and I came home to eat and rest and Rae-Marie met my dad on the mountain for lunch.
After a nice rest Ryan and I headed back out to tackle some runs that we had not yet hit. We got in several blues and we even went down some blue/blacks. These made me nervous because I don't wanna fall because I forgot my knee brace. All I can think about when I think about falling is walking down the aisle in a cast! Also, I have this weird thing about when I am skiing I don't like to do the same run twice unless I have to in order to get somewhere else. This way you cover as many runs as you possible can! Ryan was mad about this at first but I have got him in that mind set now! He gets mad when I try to take the easy way down and we have already done that run, so we have to pick a new one!
Tonight we are laying low resting up and going to eat some taco soup and have game night! Here are some pictures from today! Yes I put them on a timer and took the pictures of us! I'm a dork!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day One: We are not who we used to be!

Sarah, Mr. Mike, Tracey, Rae-Marie and I got up bright and early for a hearty breakfast, while getting ready which takes much longer than I remember the news came on, Temp 6 degrees F and wind chill of -15. Wow that's cold! We are staying at the Hyatt on Peak 9 in Breckenridge, what a beautiful place! Now its time to hit the slopes.

8:00 - Down to pick up the skis and boots at one of the ski shops on the mountain. We got fitted the evening before and all the workers kept saying "Get here early, we expect at least an hour wait in the morning." Idiots! It took literally two seconds.

8:45 - After goofing off for 45 minutes we get in line to head up the slopes. After a few minute ride and a 2 year lay-off it was time to test our skills. Tracey tore her ACL last winter so we took it fairly easy on the first run of the day. She and Mike hung back and just let her acquaint herself for the morning. While Sarah, Rae-Marie and I head downhill; the three of us had a good morning ski. Sarah is a very controlled skier (should I have expected less?) I am a self taught skiier (except for a half day lesson the first time I came) so I am a rather fast skier with little control. But hey, it gets me down the mountain. No falls, except for Sarah we were unloading on time a snowboarder plowed her over.

12:00 - Lunch time. We at on the mountain at Vista Haus. They had a variety of food for everyone. It was nice to get to sit down and rest for about an hour.

1:00 - After lunch, Tracey decided not to wear herself out and was going to make the longest run on the mountain and take it on to the condo. Rae-Marie went with her. Mr. Mike wanted to test out a few Black/Blue runs on Peak 10. Sarah wanted to head over to Peak 7 (used to be the slowest of the 4 mountains but with the addition of a new lodge there it had become swamped.) We made a run down Angel's Rest and decided it was time to get back over to either Peak 8 or Peak 9 (less crowded). We made about 4 runs after lunch and decided and visit to the hot tub would be nice before we killed ourselves.

That wraps up Day 1 of skiing in Breckenridge. We will try to take more pictures so that would guys can live vicariously through our lives. SB09!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We made it to Breckenridge!

We are here in Breckenridge! We got here about 2 today and checked in and unpacked. Then we went and rented our skis for the week. That took forever! I think everyone came here for spring break. Ryan and I are cooking dinner for everyone tonight. So I hope it turns out good! I will have pictures tomorrow of all the adventures of the day. The weather is great not to hot and not to cold! Well see how that holds up for the week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Small Update!

My dress is here!!!!!!

You know your in Arkansas when......

You see a man in the McDonald's line on a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he wrote off back up the rode with his McDonald's in the satchel.

Needless to say I was very shock to see this!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well on Thursday we finally found a house we loved! Let me tell you looking for houses with our Realtor is always an adventure!!! We love Jason!!!! The first house...well let's just say something bad happened there. There was blood on the walls and in the toilet. Another house was a repo where the people had taken everything. Toilets, sink, carpet, light fixtures, even the piping to the sink and air condition, they left nothing!
After our family came this weekend we decide on Sunday night that we would make on offer on Monday on this house we loved. They countered the first offer but accepted with second offer! We are so excited! If everything goes as planned we will close on April 3 and I will move on April 11! WHOO!! Here is a picture of our new house! More to come later of the inside! You would think after looking at the house 6 times I would have taken some pictures but sorry I didn't!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The past few weeks!

Well I am sure you know that I have been a horrible blogger. Since I last updated a lot has happened.
Two weekends ago we had a very busy busy weekend. In one weekend this is what all we had to do. Saturday at 8 with met with Clay, Ryan's youth minster who is helping perform our wedding. Then we had cake tasting at 10, I had to get my makeup done for a test for the wedding day at 12, at 3 I had to go help set up for a shower that I was hosting at 4. 6 we had to be in Benton for a couples shower that Ryan's parents friends were hosting for us. Then Sunday I went to church at 8 and then had another shower at 1 hosted by PV church friends. Then we drove back to Fayetteville. Needless to say after all of that I was pooped!
The cake tasting was great! It was a really fun experience. Ryan, Tim, Amy, my mom, and I all went. We decided on just plain white cake with butter cream icing. There is another thing that is a little different about our cake but I'll just leave that until the wedding.
At 4 Michelle, Drew, Allison, and I hosted a shower for Rachael. It was cupcakes and cocktails. It was a lot of fun and good mingling with friends. She got lots of good gifts, like martini glasses, drinking glasses, a muffin pan, other goodies, and the best was she got.... ask her! She will be laughing for a long time!! We love you Rachie! It would only happen to you!!
The Couples Honey-do shower was great! Ryan I think really enjoyed it. We got a lot of good stuff, a weed eater, water hose, shovels, rakes, an iron, a dust buster, garden tools, and an awesome bucket full of goodies.

On Sunday we had the PV shower. It was a lot of fun and 6 of my 7 bridesmaids were there. I think everyone enjoyed getting to know them. We once again were not let down with all the awesome gifts we got.

Also, I wanted to post a few pictures of Ms. Sallie Grace!! She is so cute and developing a funny personality.