Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Survey of the Damage

My house in the picture of above was taken in May with the beautiful, grass, flowers, and trees in the backyard. The picture below is my house in the winter with dead grass, no flowers, and well now no more trees can be seen. :(

Well, today Ali and I drove around and looked at the damage around town. It is really bad and lots of people are still without power. Here are the pictures around town.

Here is Old Main lawn. The pictures doesn't do it justice for all the trees that are down there. We drove all through campus and it was sad to see all the trees that have fallen. The University has now been close for 4 days.

We were pretty lucky to have only have lost the tops to, well all of our trees.
This is a picture from the Square. The tree had come out of the ground and fell on the news van.

The best part of the whole ice storm was discovered today. Ali and I went to Walgreen's to get some medicine and well be discovered this. And I think the pictures can tell the rest of the story.

Yeah, we have a lot of ice cream all because Walgreen's has no power!!! It was my lucky day!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

Amy and I walking around outside
Well as most of you know we are in an Ice Storm here in Northwest Arkansas.
Amy, Ryan, and I keep going outside to check to see what is going on! About every 5 minutes you here a tree falling! On Monday I was let go from school early and Tuesday and Wednesday the public schools are closed so I don't have to go to work! Whoo! I am trying to get caught up on lesson plans, action research, and reading some books that people have given us before we get married.
About 3:50 we had a tree break in half in the backyard! We are now just hoping it doesn't fall anymore and break our fence. For now we have power but it keeps going on and off.

Here is the tree in our backyard

Our park across the street has several trees breaking

The cars are iced over and won't be moving for a while.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Time for Bachelor!!!!

First to start off, I am upset that the weather is going to keep interrupting my show!!!!! It looks to be a good show from the previews! Here we go..........

They are down to 9. There is a 1 on 1 date, 2 on 1 date, and a group date.

For the 1 on 1 date they have write and perform a song for Jason! This is going to be good and bad. Stephanie is a terrible singer!!! Of course stalker girl knew that Jason wrote rap song for DeAnna. ( I am ready for her to come back!!) Nikki freaks out about writing a song! Come on it is a fun thing! Well I guess you are performing for America! She says she can't be silly, she can't even sing Happy Birthday, she rather jump out of a plane.
Jason told them upfront he couldn't sing he just wanted the girls to have fun!
Up first Mollie: She did pretty good
Stalker Shannon: She tried to rap
Melissa: She sucked
Megan: she sucked too!
Stephanie: I couldn't hardly listen cause it was that bad!!!
Lauren: WOW she did really good!!! Why didn't she win?
Nikki:She freaks out before, just shut up and sing! It was halfway good!

Well Mollie won! Now Lauren is mad, along with most of the other girls.

Mollie's 1 on 1:
"Mollie lets stay home at my place. -Jason"
They had fast food for dinner! What? Jason you couldn't cook for her? I am glad that he wanted to get to know her deeper. She said," She is ready for the next step, being in a serious committed relationship." He really likes her star gazing amazing eyes. She put on his comfy clothes....and went outside to camp out! Now that is my style! Smores....yummy! She says, "He has all the qualities that she wants in a guy!" What girl isn't saying that on this show at this point?
OF course in case you didn't know from the previews she gets a rose. AND stays the night!!!!!!

The next morning Jason brings her home and the other girls, Stalker Shannon can't believe it!! She even came home in his clothes! That's right take that walk of shame!

Group date: Jillian, Megan, Melissa, Noami, Shannon, and Lauren
Stalker Shannon, lets not talk about the last rose ceremony. They are going to play doctor.....On the set of General Hospital. They are going to get to act on the set and get their hair and makeup done as well. Well it sounds like Dr. Jason is going to be making out with everyone. No tongue that is a filming rule. I don't know if Stalker Shannon understands. Now S.S. can't control herself. Well the maid scene lasted FOREVER!!!!! Now we moved on to really bad wig scene, where he proposed to her. They had really awkward kisses. Melissa gets really upset about all the kissing going on.

Side note: Nikki is just sooooooo ready to have kids. She doesn't want to "me" she wants to be an "us"

What kind of doctor is this. She just goes around making out with people. Megan goes overboard in the kissing. I hope that doesn't help her get a rose.

  • Stalker Shannon
  • Noami
  • Jillian
  • Megan
After the set they go to the Hollywood night club. The hardest part of the day for the girls was for all the girls to see the others making out with Jason. The girls are all upset and break out crying throughout the whole thing.
Naomi- She sees the connections with her and Jason. He tries to reassure her that there is a connection. Jason tells her that he always wants the best for her. He thinks that they will be in each others lives forever. What kind of comment is that?
Megan- She is in love with kissing him. That is not what is about girlfriend! She doesn't really let him get to know her. All she wants to do is keep him to herself and kiss him. But it doesn't look like he is on the same page since he didn't kiss her.
Lauren-She is always talking bad about other girls. Talk about yourself. The she goes on to say, "Give me the rose tonight or I'm going to pissed." What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't say that, at least not to Jason!!!!!! Ugh!! I really don't like her!
Melissa- He wanted to talk to her because he could see something was wrong. She of course started crying but he didn't care because he wanted her to be her. She really expressed to him the way she felt about him. She told him that she was falling for him.
Shannon-Now SS wants her one on one time with him. Doesn't she know that it isn't all about kissing! Her feelings are becoming real. She then follows that with, " You can't let me go, you just can't." Then she blabs some more crap!!!!! Jason then has a post interview to say that he doesn't have the same feelings for her as she has for him. She feels like got rejected from kiss which she did!
Jillian didn't get any one on one time that we saw.

The group date roses goes to.......Naomi. That is ok in my book, I would have rather Melissa had it. Megan is so harsh! I wish she would leave!

2 on 1: Nikki and Stephanie "Let's dance the night away. There is only one rose, one stays one goes. -Jason"
This could be a really awkward date now.
He sent them dresses to wear to the ball. Stephanie worries that Jason likes dark hair dark eyes. Isn't that what she has. Personally, I would let both of them go.
Jason's take on the night.
  • Nikki just stays in the box and he doesn't.
  • Stephanie she is fun loves life and a good mom, but he needs to know if there is something romantic about it.
They went to take ballroom dancing class. How weird with three people. So they danced with themselves at first. Then J started dancing with N. They weren't very good. But at least they were having fun together! That is what counts. Ohh but wait here comes I am good at everything Stephanie, she looks so stiff. She didn't look like that she was having any fun.
Way to go N for stepping in and dancing with him. Now it is getting weird with them cause they keep wanting to dance with him but J is one person and there were two girls. I am proud of S that she hasn't talked about her past the whole date.
After dinner they sat down for dinner. Stephanie's romantic side is growing slower than J hoped and Nikki hasn't opened up completely. Nikki says it would be easy to move to Seattle and Stephanie has a soft spoken I will go anywhere for you. Some how I don't believe that. Nikki says that she had been in a relationship for 11 years. That caught J off guard. He want to know more about it. She was able to open up and tell her story. I think she is doing better, maybe she can have a chance. Now its Stephanie's turn. She just wears me out! I can't even talk about her.
That rose is lurking there. Here we go......Stephanie everyone is lucky to met you, Nikki you are as sweet as can be but i only have one rose tonight and it is for Stephanie. BOOOOO!!!! I would have rather sent Stephanie away. It was the hardest decision he every had to make. How many times are we going to hear that!?!
I think that J feels safe for Stephanie and that is why he is keeping her around. She is a safe bet and he likes that part of it. I just don't think it is right. And I will be HIGHLY disappointed if he chooses her in the end.

Rose Ceremony

I like that the girls are just in cute dresses not formals!!!
Jillian appears for the first time on the show. This is the first rose ceremony that she doesn't have a rose going into it! Yet it seems like they just hit off every time.
Stephanie your 34 quit showing off the boobs on TV.
Melissa is so darn cute. She wants to get to know him for him and not just on the surface. She really lets him know what she feels. I think he likes that about her. Then they had a good long kiss.
Megan is always uptight and frustrated at everything. Wonder if she can talk about herself and not the other girls. OMG- sounds like Amy! Finally she talks about herself and the fun they had together. Your getting better. They danced and she felt puppy love.
Lauren- THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!! J doesn't like that she gives him crap all the time. He thinks that she is mad. He confronted her about telling her to give him the rose. They kind of just laughed it off and then she ask if he wanted to kiss her. It was their first kiss, awkward. Then at the end she ran off saying, "We're getting married." WRONG SISTER!
  • Mollie
  • Stephanie
  • Melissa! WHOO!
  • Jillian
  • Naomi
He says he's sorry at the last rose and says he can't give out the final rose.
Megan is amazing and she gives and her view on the world is amazing.
Lauren more honest and real than anyone else
Shannon is just a beautiful.
He is so lucky to just be around them and he doesn't want to lead anyone so he decides not to give out the final rose.

  • Nikki
  • Lauren
  • Megan
  • Shannon
There you have it the final 5! My bets are still with Melissa! I am glad that he got rid of Emotional Nikki, Stalker Shannon, Crazy Lauren, and Self-Absorbed Megan.

Allison's Wedding!

Last weekend Allison and I went to Benton to get started on her wedding plans! We went to Low's and The Ma Ru in Pinebluff! We found her a beautiful dress in Pinebluff, but that is all I can tell you about it! We also went to the Bridal Fair in Sunday and saw our old roomie, Rachie! We now are all engaged! So weird! I never thought we would all be engaged at the same time! We have lots of weddings! I am so happy I get to be in both of you wonderful girls weddings!
Rachael-April 18 ***Me-May 23***Allison December 19

Fried Chicken!

Well as most of you know, I don't eat chicken! I don't like too look at raw chicken and I really don't like to smell of fried chicken. But something about being there when it is fried I can't smell it. Again as most of you know Ryan loves fried chicken! So Mary Alice came up last night to stay with us and teach me to fry some chicken. After all the messes that were made, I have learn to fry chicken!!
Here are the pictures to prove that I did it!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reasons I LOVE My Roommate

Well I thought I would tell you about all the reasons I love my roommate!

1. She says "I drive into the city"
2. She says maysure for measure
3. We talked her into eating a dog treat! ( It was one someone cook for Nelson)
4. She has a beanie baby in her room!
5. Her guy life is well...always something to talk about.
6. She works out and tans on a regular basics and I envy her.
7. She always eats healthy...once again I envy her!
8. And finally..she says pop, for coke.

Needless to say she makes everyday wonderful and exciting!!!! I couldn't have imaged living this year with out her! She is so fun and makes me laugh everyday!!! I love you Amy!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bachelor Update

Stephanie's 1 on 1:
  • One word: Trashy
  • I don't know about anyone else. But I heard your story once and I feel sorry for you. But please quit talking about it and focus on Jason. She talked about it a total of four times.
  • Did anyone else notice the belt she wore on the date- It was a coke bottle top belt.
  • She thinks she is 16...dress you age!
  • Why are you kissing him on the arm? Why did you daughter have on 4 different outfits? Why didn't he have 2 roses to give? Why didn't the daughter leave after way through so they could have some one on one time? Why is she even still here?

Group date:

  • This date was for a great cause but not for national TV.
  • There were girls rubbing themselves? Your on TV come on!
  • Why did Jason have his shirt off the whole time. I think ABC encouraged him to do so.
  • Melissa- You were having a good boob day? What is that and how do I have one? She became very open by the end of the date by telling J and the whole world that she has 28 FF boobs.
  • Naomi- tells the world she has lop side boobs
  • Nikki- She doesn't know how to act when she is nervous. But on the other hand she thinks she is pretty and smart. She is just a little to hard on herself.
  • Megan- Now that girls has some Double Dang boobs! But her idea for painting her breast mold was just weird!
  • Shannon- She had J rub her down. She is just socially awkward. When they were looking at their final products she practically jumps on J and hugs him for forever! Then there was a post interview of another girl commenting on how weird everyone thinks she is. I agree!
  • Jillian- Sweetheart, where are your boobs? Don't get nervous when you are talking and talk so fast. Yet, she was the one who got the group date rose!

Natalie's 1 on 1:

  • She wore hooker shoes on her date that looked like they were from the 90's
  • Beautiful necklace she was able to wear- Worth a Million dollars. J says she is rockin' the necklace. Allison's responses, " Who couldn't rock a million dollars?"
  • Don't show America you business when your sitting
  • The girls left the house are not big fans of her
  • WOW hands are getting a little to close!!! You just met.
  • J says he felt like a couple. Yeah in a fantasy world! Who wouldn't like to fly around Vegas and have million dollar jewelry on.
  • Consensus taken at my house is that she isn't mature enough to handle a child or being married. Wants to get everything out so she can settle down? Then why are you here.
  • She giggled the entire time.
  • J says, " He wanted to feel something for Natalie?" It wasn't happening, so J says.
  • Why did he pick up the rose if he wasn't going to give it to her. That was rude. Come one J I thought you knew better.
  • No rose because: not enough commonalities and she is still exploring herself.
  • After she was not chosen, she starts talking bad about people in the house still.. Then she got the jewelry taken away. Terrible end to the date.
  • Who wants to date her now after you have seen how she acts after you break up with her.
Rose Ceremony:
  • Noami-Pulled aside to see who the "bad" people in the house. Opened up to J tonight. Why are you talking about your ex? What's up with the girls this season doing that? But in the end she got her kiss. Do the editor's edit out their scenes because they seem pretty close but we never see that.
  • Nikki- Still being really awkward. Super Organized. That doesn't fly with children. Your going to have learn a new way of life. Well in the middle of the conservation they start making out! SOOOOO weird!!! ohh and ps HELLO BOOBS!
  • Erica- Talking herself up during the 1 on 1 time. "Jason are you looking at my boobs" says Erica. Why are they talking about her boobs?
  • Kari- Allison says, "She is the little puppy dog that no one wants." Why is she asking about Natalie's date. Makes out with her too! That is 3 tonight that they have shown
  • Shannon- Get a grip on her life! Throw up because someone might have bad mouthed you. She just wants attention to be drawn to her. Why are you crying during your 1 on 1 time. The only person who has gotten alone time. What are you talking about?--- Emotional all the way around! That is a good way to describe yourself. ---
  • Molly- Why don't you ever get 1 on 1 time!
  • Stephanie- Side note: I wore that dress she had on to Prom in 2004! How old is she! What is up with all the kisses all over the place? Get rid of all the the jewelry! Tacky!! Al says, "And she sounds like she has a smokers voice" yet she gets mad at me cause I do not like her what so ever!
  • Lauren- Why is she starts talking bad about Megan and Erica. Tells J that they are drama queen. Yet J thinks she is telling the truth. Frankly, I am glad he believes.
  • Megan- Wow cover up those boobs! Your son would be embarrassed! She would lose respect for anyone who tattled on anyone. Don't you do that Megan!
So much drama it is "clouding his head"
Here we go with the all out bash fest! Why on earth would Chris let them have time for a free time to talk, didn't he know it would turn bad? The main three that were the big talkers were Erica, Megan, and Lauren. Megan pretty much attacked Lauren. Shannon once again gets upset and left. Then the cameras put the door of the bathroom on the screen and listen to her throwing up noises on TV. How embarrassing. Well a least it ended the yelling at each other crap!

Roses go to!
  1. Stephanie
  2. Jillian
  3. Molly- safe choice cause she is on the outs with anyone-yet.
  4. Lauren- drama queen starter!
  5. Melissa- AWESOME CHOICE! no one bad mouths her
  6. Naomi- best friend in the house?
  7. Shannon- blah!
  8. Nikki- Awkward yet still got that rose.
9. Megan- ABC told J that he needed to keep her for good drama on the show. Keep those ratings up. That is the only reason he picked her.

No rose:
  1. Natalie- Very bitter ending.
  2. Erica- Left in pretty good spirits.
  3. Kari- Fell of the show but who hardly knew she was there.

Well now that I have finished this! Those who are reading this think I have no life! I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your comments on it all as well!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Updates/Bachelor

Well over Christmas and these past few weeks we have made some head way with wedding plans.

  • We bought Ryan's ring and picked it up today
  • We have emailed the officiants and have an idea how the ceremony is going to go. Don't worry it is going to be short.
  • We talked with Brandon, who is singing in our wedding. He said everything was going well and that he is even going to make us a cd of the song so we can listen to it forever!
  • We almost have the honeymoon nailed down.
  • Ryan picked out his tuxes for himself and groomsmen.
  • We are getting closer to the rehearsal dinner plans being done.
  • We have several showers on our calendars. Thanks to everyone who is having one for us! We can't wait!
  • I scheduled my bridal portrait and all the appointments to go along with that day.
  • I now know how I am going to wear my hair the day of the wedding and had the lady practice.
  • We saw the proof the invitations and thank you's. I hope to order those before the end of next week.
  • Ordered the chairs for the reception
  • Pick out the songs for the band to sing.
  • Picked the menu for the reception, so come hungry.
  • We are working on finalizing the guest list- This is the hardest job of all!
  • We are scheduled to meet with the flower lady, Tanarah, next month to discuss details.
  • We are scheduled to go cake tasting next month as well. I am really excited about that!
Well that seems to wrap up all the wedding planning for now! It is a lot but it is fun!

Moving on the my love of TV. I watch SOOOOO many TV shows! I have a great love for Bachelor, American Idol, Law and Order: SVU, Biggest Loser, 24, Grey's, Private Practice, and the Bold and the Beautiful!
Well in my crazy life I have to find time to watch all these shows!

I thought I would give a recap of the Bachelor and our households thoughts on the women.
Natalie- We have decided that she is to jealous and needs to realize that other women are going to kiss Jason.
Shannon- WOW that girl is a stalker and to nosy. I would be freaked out if someone knew that much about me!
Erica- Now that girl is rude! At the rose ceremony she had boobs everywhere! They were having to blur them out!
Raquel- She got no rose. Maybe because she went and got in the limo after Jason's group date so that she could get some one on one time with him. She said something to this effect in the post interview of that scene. " If I were to die, I hope that he is so in love with me he could never remarry for a reallllllly long time." I mean come on!
Jillian- She was the girl who got the first one on one date with Jason! I seemed to like her but you didn't see much of her after the first part of the show.
Megan- She is just to uptight about everything!
Molly- Now there is a go getter! She fights for her time with Jason.
**** Side note! ABC quit zooming in on girls boobs!****
Nikki- She is the one who received the first impression rose! What ever happen to that one on one date? Though Jason said she is the "Mother figure of the house"
Naomi- We pretty much are neutral about her.
Sharon- That is one blah girl! She didn't get a rose! Go figure!
Cari- Who is that?
Stephanie- I feel for her. But I am not sure she is right for Jason. And I am tired of hearing her story.
Melissa- Now she is my favorite! Ok everyone's favorite! She had a great one on one date with Jason to the beach and then they got to ride in a blimp. She was a cheerleader and she wants to teach 1st grade! How can I not love her!
Overall- the show is great! I can't wait for Deanna to come back! I still like her even though she made a mistake last season! Maybe she can make it up!!!
Well there is my recap good... not good let me know!

Monday, January 12, 2009


So yesterday I thought I would be crafty and make Allison something to help her plan her wedding! I made her a clip board. It didn't turn out like my vision but it still turned out pretty cute.

The front

The back

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This year is going to be filled with great things!

January- I will start my last semester of college!!! WHOO! I'm sure my parents are happy too!

February- Hopefully Ryan and I will have found a house!

March- Going to Breckenridge with my Dad and Tracey, Rae-Marie, and Ryan to go skiing.

April-My one of my best friends from high school and college, Rachael, is getting married April 18! I am so honored to be a part of the special day.

May- I graduate Grad school on May 9th. Then two weeks later Ryan and I are getting married on May 23! I can't waited!

June- One of my best friends from college Whitney is getting married in Mountain Home. I can't wait to be a part of her special day as well! It will be beautiful.

July- Two of Ryan's best friends from high school, Meagan and Todd, are getting married to each other on July 11!

August- Hopefully I will start my first teaching job!

December- My future sister in law, Allison is getting married to Baxter on December 19 and I am the Matron of Honor!! So weird!!!! Cause I will be married.

So far this month has been great! This weekend Ryan, Allison, Baxter, and I got to go to Eureka Springs with one of their family friends Mary Alice! She is a very special friend of ours! We stayed at this cabin on top of a GIANT mountain in the woods! It was an amazing place! It had a fire pit in the front yard and a hot tub in back, basically everything you need to relax! We watched movies, ate, and fellowshiped all weekend long. We could not have asked for a better weekend! Thanks so much Mare!
Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Ryan and I by the bon fire! It was cold! But great times!
Mare, Ryan and I by the fire!

Allison had never seen the big Jesus so we made a quick trip to see. It was so cold so it was a fast brief look.

Ryan and I waiting on dinner. I never put makeup on all weekend. Yikes!

Allison and I by the fire the second night.
Everyone at the restaurant

The beautiful cabin