Saturday, July 30, 2011

Play Dates

We have had three play dates with Jillian and Brody over the past few weeks and I haven't blogged about any of them!

We went over to play the Friday before we left for Colorado. This was the first time that Payne had played with Brody since Payne could crawl! Payne absolute loved it! He loved Brody's big Tonka trucks or just chasing Brody around. 

This was the best pictures of the three of them! Ha!

Then last Sunday we picked up with our bi-monthly dinners with them! I love these times of being able to spend with Josh and Jen talking and letting the kids play. We sat in Brody's room and watched the kids play for a couple hours.

Then on Monday with went with them to the Fayetteville Public Library. We didn't make in time for Baby Book Worm but the kids loved the puzzles and Payne enjoyed chasing Brody around wherever!

We love playing with Jillian and Brody!! 

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Jennifer said...

Love these sweet pictures of our cuties! I'm getting sad thinking about you going back to work soon!