Thursday, July 28, 2011

Umbrella Strollers

Before we headed to Colorado we knew we want to have an umbrella stroller for the trip. It just wasn't really practical to take the big one with driving to Tulsa, flying, and then driving around in Colorado with 4 other people in the car. So, having an umbrella stroller seemed to be the answer. We Ryan read all the reviews online and picked out a few for me to look at. We settled on the Mia Moda Sportivo.

It arrived in a few days and we took it on several test runs before leaving. It was perfect! It was really easy to open and close! It gets super small, compared to the big stroller we have, when folded up! It has a basket on the bottom for things. It's not huge, but it works! It turns very easily! Seriously, I loved it!
There is one downfall to it though. It doesn't have a cup holder, but I got over that pretty fast! 
So if you are looking for an umbrella stroller we love ours!

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