Friday, July 15, 2011


I have a lot of summer projects I am trying to complete while Payne is at daycare this summer. I have let Nicole help me out a lot! She recovered several pillows for me a few weeks ago.  I love how they turned out! 

 The small one was Ryan's baby pillow and the big one was one that was on his bed in college. P sleeps with the baby pillow and the big pillow is in the den so he can lay on it or do whatever with it.

I already had the polka dot pillow cases so I bought cheap plain pillows at Wal-mart to put in there and then I had found some napkins at Target I liked so Nicole did her magic and made some pillows for me again! There is six of them, which do not really fit on the couch now. But, guess what! They soon will when I get my new couch!! I can't wait by the way!!

I have done some other random things around the house like spray painting the pipe outside on the deck.
Then I make some really random things and really random times! I know! But, when I come up with the idea I run with it! 

I used this to make
I will probably put it in my classroom this fall. 

Then I made a Valentine's wreath and spray painted some letters that say LOVE. Not sure where I am going to put either when the time comes, but I have several months to figure that out!

My next projects include making some door stops and finishing a Razorback wreath! 

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