Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Sweater Party
Ryan, Allison, and I started off my Christmas break with doing some last minute shopping on Saturday before Christmas. Terrible idea and I won't be doing that next year for two reasons. One because there was too many people and I don't like crowds and reason two...well that will come in a later in the post. Then we went to a wedding for Brad and Tiffany Carr. It was beautiful with the Christmas decorations. To end the day...we went to help get ready for and attend the Christmas Sweater Party at Ryan's house. It was so fun! I won't post all the pictures or videos I have of the night because I don't want to embarrass to many people.

All the girls by the tree.
All the boys by the tree.
Adam, Conner, Josh, and Ryan at the party. These are good friends of Ryan's and groomsmen in our wedding.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the night. It is a little dark, but it still gives great laughs!

Well I left for Little Rock on Monday afternoon so that I could go to dinner with Emilee, Abby, and Kelley and then go to the movie. I forgot my camera so there are no pictures. But the time we got to spend together was great!

Tuesday was another crazy day. I didn't do much but I forgot everything all day long. I am so sorry that I forgot about lunch with Rachael. Sorry Rachael. I don't know where my mind was all day. Ok so I do, I was waiting on Ryan to get there all day and we had Christmas at my Dad's and Stepmom's Tuesday night! To past the time I took a thousand pictures of their new puppy. There are some cute pictures but they are all on their camera so I will get them. I put Breck in his stocking and took a picture! I know I am mean! But it is toooooo cute!

Wednesday the craziest day of all! We started by going to my Grandparents at 9 for breakfast and Christmas present opening! I got to see all of my family and spend lots of time with my cousin and her husband Neil!

As if 18 people opening presents wasn't enough for the day. Ryan and I still had one Christmas present left to buy. And it is not that we didn't try for two weeks to find this gift we couldn't find it anywhere. Finally about 2:30 on Christmas Eve we had found it. We had gone back to my mom's to get ready and wait on her so that we could go to Benton for the Candle Light Service and a get together afterwards at the Green's house. Well that sounds pretty normal and laid back until we were on our way down there when we got a call to hurry cause someone special was getting engaged!!! Soooo I hurried to get down there and we heard a breif story from Mrs. Debbie at the house and we headed to the church where ALLISON AND BAXTER GOT ENGAGED!!! WHOOO!!! Baxter and Allison "went to the church early to save seats". When they got there Baxter had left roses and present under the tree. He had her open them and then he pulled out the ring and proposed. We showed up shortly there after! It was a great time and she got to show off her ring at church and afterwards at the get together. They are getting married December 19, 2009.

Allison and I at the church right afterward.

Brother and sister in front of the tree where it all happened.

Allison's and Baxter's whole new family!
Never did I think we would be Sister-in-laws but how much better could it get and we are now engaged at the same time and can plan together!!!!!!!

Some of the clan at the Green's.

The next morning Ryan had Christmas early in Benton with his parents, Allison, and Baxter. Then he came to Little Rock and Ryan and I had Christmas with my mom and Gran. We got lots of good stuff : our bedding for our new house, a new washer and dryer, and Ryan got a new tool chest and tools! (He couldn't have been happier!) Thanks Mom!!!!! We enjoyed our time we got to spend with my mom and gran but we were off again to Malvern to Aunt Joyce's. We got to spend time with lots of family and ate some more good food! Then we headed back to Benton to have Christmas with Ryan's parents. Which was a lot of fun and I got the 411 on all the family in Malvern.
Ryan and his mom on Christmas night.

Lucy got a new rawhide bone from Allison and Baxter and a new PINK! collar from Ryan and I!

So lets recap the day: Ryan started in Benton, went to Little Rock, Malvern, Benton and back to Little Rock!
Sarah started in Little Rock, went to Malvern, Benton and back to Little Rock!
We had a crazy but great day!!!!!

The next day we got up and ran some errands around town and then went back to Benton to spend the night there with Ryan's parents. And on Saturday we went to Malvern again to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's. There we ate some really good BBQ and played hand and foot the card game! Needless to say the boys beat the girls really bad! But hey it was all fun!!!!

Sunday we headed home to rest and Allison and Ryan had to go back to work on Monday, Baxter and I got to stay home and enjoy the rest of our break!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Tis the Reason for the Season

Last night our friends, Rich and Renee, hosted a Christmas party at their place. Richie text me Sunday night and asked if we wanted to come over Monday night, and followed that with there will be kids there so I understand if you don't want to come. Sarah absolutely loves kids so it wasn't even a thought, we penciled it in. Renee and I used to work together and she and Sarah have become really good friends over the last year, Rich and I play golf some together even though he spanks me every time we play (he's like the only person I can handle getting beat by). As we have mentioned before, they just had a baby, Sallie.

Their friends the Kelley's, Patrick and Lindsey and their 3 yr old, Parker and Griffin also came over. Parker is one cool cat - he says he is shy but he obviously doesn't know what that means. It's a small world, I won't get into the whole story but my Aunt Gina was Patrick's mom's roommate in college and everything came together on their time together over Thanksgiving before the Iowa Green's came to the Metropolis of Malvern.

Then the Whittaker's (Jon and Amanda) and their newest joy Eva all came to party! After a some fellowship and a quick game (thanks to Jon) of "find the pickle.", Rich served up dinner. A heaping bowl of delicious chili with all the fixin's, including carrots - that's a Kansas thing he tried to introduce. Amanda made some Oreo Balls that were to die for, I think I had 100 of them and didn't regret it one bit.

Before we could part ways, Rich and Renee had some games for us to play. The first game we had to tear a Christmas tree out of construction paper from behind your back without looking with a 2 minute time limit....I WON!!! Christmas Movie trivia was next, Sarah and I got last...that's OK we will practice up before next year.

Lastly, we all got together and sang the Twelve Days of Christmas and acted out our part. Ha I am laughing out loud as I type this thinking of some of the acting skillz. My favorite was 6 geese and laying and Jon popped out a little round candle! Wow...

What a great time with friends!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is Breck. My dad and stepmom's new puppy. He came by to play this afternoon! He is so cute!!!

He loved playing with Nelson's elephant. But he wasn't that interested in Nelson. But Nelson sure did like him. He is still running all over the house looking for him. It is so funny.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Wedding Updates

Save the Date!!

May 23, 2009
Trinity Presbyterian - Little Rock
Reception Immediately following @ CCLR

A few wedding updates....

1.) Groomsmen and Bridesmaids gifts have been ordered. I can't go any further than that without giving it away.
2.) Sarah ordered and got her Garter! All you single fellas get in line and get those mitts softened up, I don't want to see any goat paws in the audience.
3.) Dresses: Both Bridesmaid's and Sarah's dress have been ordered, her should be here mid-March I guess I have to wait until May 23rd to see it and won't she look fabulous!!!
4.) We have picked out wedding invitations and should be ordered soon!
5.) We finished up getting registered: Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot
Fayetteville Specialty Stores: Copper Pig
Benton Specialty Stores: Smith-Caldwell and Cherry's Hallmark
Little Rock Specialty Stores: Fifth Season's and Full Moon (coming soon!)

It seems our wedding to-do list is shortening on paper but I am sure my "to do" list is getting longer for when this is all over. And sadly to say I look forward to all of Sarah's "honeydo's."