Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Part 1

Saturday morning we headed to Tulsa to fly to Denver to meet my parents and spend a week in Breckenridge.  This was Payne's first time to fly! He was super excited that morning and took a fairly good nap on the way to Tulsa.
Payne did great on the plane. We sat next to a great-grandmother because I want to make sure I wasn't going to annoy anyone around me.  He got a little grumpy about 15 minutes before landing but held it together. As soon as we landed and made it to baggage claim Teme got him and he passed out!
 This is the view from the Hyatt. We stay there every time and the view never gets old! You can see the ski slopes! There was still a lot of snow up there! They have also had a lot of rain (unlike us) so they are having a lot of flooding.

 Our room wasn't ready when we got there and I had seen this Children's Play Place last year, so we headed over to check it out. Children under 1 and with grandparents are free! Super great for us! Otherwise it was 7 dollars for kids 1+ and 5 dollars for adults. They had lots of things to play with for all ages and the pass was good all day. Though this time we only stayed for a few minutes it was great for Payne to get some energy out!
 One of the things I was glad we made the last minute decision to do was take the high chair that attaches to the table. If you don't have one of these GET ONE for traveling or restaurants!

 Sunday morning right after Payne's nap we rented bikes and rode 11 miles to Frisco on the bike path. It is a beautiful view the whole time and mostly downhill. Don't get me wrong there were 2 HUGE hills that we had to go up. I only was able to do the first one, by the second one my bottom and legs hurt so so so bad!!! We ate lunch in Frisco and then rode the bus back to Breckenridge to take a nap.
 On Sunday afternoon we walked around on Main Street for a bit and then that night Ryan and I went with my dad to the Breckenridge Backstage Theater to see a play. They always have great plays and they are so funny!
Monday morning Ryan and I drove to Buena Vista to go White Water Rafting. This is one of my favorite things to do in Colorado in the summer. We did Brown's Canyon which is one of the easier ones, but since the water was so high it was a little more difficult. The one we wanted to do which is the medium one was closed due to the water. We were on the raft with part of a group who camps out at the rafting place and rafts for three days. One of them took these pictures and some videos which she is sending me. I can't wait to see them. I will share them hopefully if she gets them to me.

Come back tomorrow to see what else we did! 
Have you ever visited Colorado in the summer? If so what did you and your family do?


Jennifer said...

I hope pictures from the play will be included tomorrow. :)
Tell P I LOVED my snuggle time with him this morning!

Ashley said...

Sean and I back country camped into the Rockies one summer. It was actually right before we started the MAT program. It was a lot of work but totally worth it!