Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colorado Family Vacation Part 3

Well... I slacked a little with finishing our trip, but I am getting it done with a week of being home. I say that is success! 

Thursday was Papa's birthday so we planned to have a nice dinner. He picked the Swiss Haven. We had never been there, but looking at the menu I got pretty excited because they had lots of fondue. 
We ended up have a cheese fondue, steak fondue, seafood fondue, and dessert fondue! My favorite was the chocolate fondue! 

 We walked down by the Blue River on the way home for a photo. We have also been practicing walking the past two weeks and Payne has been standing on his own for a few seconds every now and then. Papa caught this one on camera on our way to the room.
 When we got home, we opened presents and played cards.
Friday we went back to the outlet mall and shopped for ourselves, then came back home to let Payne nap and pack to head home early Saturday morning. Friday night we drove back up to Boreas Pass to watch for wildlife. We saw a moose and several deer. Though one thing we saw was one of the most beautiful things ever! Come back tomorrow and I will show you!

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Trumbo Family said...

Great to see you guys last night! We were fuddys and went home early. Hope you busted a move for me on the dance floor!