Monday, August 22, 2011


I love how his invitations turned out! One of our friends that works with Ryan, Xuan, made them for me! She is so sweet and did them quickly and I got them in the mail with in a week! They were a postcard and had the address and return address on the back with red stripes.  We had a Razorback themed party so I choose three pictures of Payne with Razorback gear on when he was a newborn, 5 months, and 10 months!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1 Year/ 12 Months!

Oh my goodness! Payne you turned 1 years old today at 12:58! I can't believe it! Where did all the time go? I can't believe that I taught a whole day of school and then went to the hospital to have you!

You have become such the little man over the past few weeks. 
You love to play with your cars, puzzles, musical instruments, and geometric stacker.
You are still wearing a size 3 diaper.
You are drink whole milk out of a sippy cup at every meal and snack except at dinner when you have formula out of a bottle sometimes.
You have three teeth and two teeth that are part ways in on the top. Plus you have three more you are working on.
Your eating habits are all out of wack! You like something one day and not the next. Driving your parents crazy!
You still weigh about 20-22 pounds. We go to the doctor Monday.
You wear mostly 12 month clothes.
You eat breakfast and lunch at school with your friends.
You laugh lot.
You say momma, dada, again, please, and thank you.
You still like to have someone in the room with you at all times.
We made it another month without you getting really sick. You do have this nasty cough though.
You are really good about playing by yourself and talking to yourself.
You will follow any kids around that you think might be having fun.
You are one of the sweetest babies I know!
We love you so much and I can't believe we are celebrating your one year old birthday today!
Happy 1st Birthday Payne Boy! We love you so much!

Monday, August 8, 2011


We have grown a mustache....

learn to drive.....
sweated to death....

and I started back to work.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Water Baby!

We went to the pool with Ryan one day after work last week. Payne loves the pool, but hates the bath tub! We played in the baby pool for a while, but he kept wanting to climb out and then "jump"/crawl back in. 

So, we took him over to the big pool! He loved it! We would set him on the side and he would scoot off the edge and start kicking as we helped him.  Every now and then he would move his arm. I think he might just love to swim! 

After we were done swimming we got out to have a snack.
Payne's poor little feet were so wrinkled. He ate and played in a cup of water, which he thought was so fun!
Look at those three teeth! I am sad summer is almost over for me! I hope to get in a few more pool trips before the pool closes!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starting to Walk

Payne has started to push around his dino. You can hear him say again a few times. He loves it! I think walking might be in our future!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Food for a 1 Year Old

I have been trying to try new things with Payne. He will eat whatever you give him off of your plate. He doesn't think twice about it. He will stick his hands in your bag of chips or stand next to you with his mouth open for a bite.  But, if you tried to give him the same thing at a different time and your weren't eating it. Well, no go for him.  
So, we are starting with breakfast foods because well, I guess because it is the first meal of the day.  We started giving him muffins, cheerios, and oatmeal these past two weeks. He loves them both.  The oatmeal is easy and I just feed it to him, so it is an easy clean up. Now muffins on the other hand......well, I hope you have some time to clean up.  But, he thinks they are great so whatever!!! I love to watch him! I normally tear it into pieces for him, but I did give him a whole one the other day and he picked it apart and picked up the whole thing. 
He is just so stinking cute I couldn't not take pictures!! 

What do you feed you 1 year old?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Week 8

Monday: We went to the library with Jillian and Brody. We are dog sitting for a week and half so Payne is loving getting to hang out with the little guys!

Tuesday: Payne went to daycare and I hung around the house doing little things trying to enjoy relaxing for the last two weeks. Then I ended up going to work to help pick out new Math text books. Before I picked up Payne I ran to the mall to return some things. Then we headed to the golf course with Ryan.
Wednesday: Payne went to daycare again and I worked on reorganizing some things around the house. For bible study we meet at Walgreen's and help buy some last minute items for Nicole's Haiti Mission Trip before going to eat at Chili's.

Thursday: We ran errands after Payne's morning nap which he was not happy about the whole time!! Then came home for his nap. After his nap we went to the pool and played with Daddy before his dinner.
Friday: We hung out around the house and waiting for JJ to get here! Then we did some birthday shopping for the little man. Then that night Ryan and I went to the 4-Ball dinner out at the club.
 Saturday: Ryan was still playing golf. My mom and I ran some more birthday errands and then came home to play with Payne.