Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Week 4

Has it really been 4 weeks of summer??

Monday: We got up and played around the house for a while and then took a nap like normal and then played some more. After lunch time we went to Cherry Berry to meet some friends for ice cream!

Tuesday: Payne went to daycare all day and I ran and picked up around the house. At lunch I went to meet Ryan for lunch and went to look for a new couch. Then Tuesday night we went to take Payne's 10 month pictures out at Lake Weddington.
Wednesday: Payne went to daycare again. The girl we met at IO Metro, who is a decorator came over to the house to help me decided about the couch and how we would rearrange the other furniture.

Thursday: Payne had his infant eye exam in the  morning and then we ran some other errands before going back to IO Metro to meet with the decorator.  Then Payne and I came home and he nap and I ate lunch. Then I taped out the couch on the living room floor and moved all the furniture to how it would be. It took a while and the decorator coming back over, but we finally decided to do it! We decided on brown. We then ordered the new couch! Hopefully it will be here before Payne's birthday! 

Friday: We laid low. We met Ryan at Sam's for our monthly shopping trip and lunch. While Payne was napping I finished up cleaning the house, packing, and of course watching the Casey Anthony trial! Then Ryan and I headed to the lake with Ally and Dalton for the Fourth of July weekend!


Tracey said...

Cool sectional...you're gonna love it!

Sean and Nicole said...

Sean and I looked at that couch on Sat! We liked the 'cuddler' section and that the chaise could flip sides if needed.

Melissa said...

Love the new couch!!!!