Thursday, November 8, 2012

New York City Part 1

      So, for 10 months we had plans to go to New York City to watch my dad run in the New York Marathon. Well, as we boarded the plane to leave we received a phone call from a friend telling us that the marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.  Bummer.... We had already planned on staying extra days because Ryan had never been and we were also just going to make a small vacation of it.
      We arrived late Friday night with a minor delay due to some mechanical things, nothing to due with the hurricane damage. We arrived to the hotel with no issues, until dad told me the wrong hotel room! We knocked and well they didn't speak English!
      Saturday morning we got up early headed out for a long day. We stop and had breakfast in a little cafe by the hotel. After lunch, we went straight to H and M! We shopped for a while, then we to see Rockefeller Center, went to the top of Top of the Rock to see the views of NYC and then we walked around NYC for a while, got some lunch in a deli, and headed to the Empire State Building. We also went down to Times Square to check out the action. Then we headed home stopping at Grand Central Station on the way back to the hotel. Ryan and I went to dinner that night at a restaurant by the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center.
     Sunday was supposed to be the race and Ryan and I had planned to ride bikes through Central Park, but since the race was canceled some of the runners decided to run in the park together. Dad didn't choose to do this, but it also didn't allow us to bike through the park because of the amount of people. We still had a great time walking through the park. We ended up on the other side and visited some museums  and grabbed lunch and then walked back through and home.  I think we walked about 11 miles that day!