Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Week 8

Monday: We went to the library with Jillian and Brody. We are dog sitting for a week and half so Payne is loving getting to hang out with the little guys!

Tuesday: Payne went to daycare and I hung around the house doing little things trying to enjoy relaxing for the last two weeks. Then I ended up going to work to help pick out new Math text books. Before I picked up Payne I ran to the mall to return some things. Then we headed to the golf course with Ryan.
Wednesday: Payne went to daycare again and I worked on reorganizing some things around the house. For bible study we meet at Walgreen's and help buy some last minute items for Nicole's Haiti Mission Trip before going to eat at Chili's.

Thursday: We ran errands after Payne's morning nap which he was not happy about the whole time!! Then came home for his nap. After his nap we went to the pool and played with Daddy before his dinner.
Friday: We hung out around the house and waiting for JJ to get here! Then we did some birthday shopping for the little man. Then that night Ryan and I went to the 4-Ball dinner out at the club.
 Saturday: Ryan was still playing golf. My mom and I ran some more birthday errands and then came home to play with Payne.

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Sara said...

Payne is just too cute! It is hard to believe that school will start back in two weeks.

I am bummed because I will have to start leaving earlier for work again since the school traffic is so bad:(