Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Week 6 and 7

Saturday: We headed to Colorado
Sunday: We rode bikes from Breckenridge to Frisco and shopped around town.
Monday: Ryan and I went Whitewater Rafting down Brown's Canyon and Payne stayed and played with my parents.
Tuesday: We went shopping at the outlets and around Breckenridge.
Wednesday: Ryan stayed at the hotel with Payne and I hiked up Mount Cameron.
Thursday: We went on a jeep tour and celebrated my dad's birthday at the Swiss Haven.

Friday: We went shopping some more at the outlets and then went to Boares Pass to look for wildlife.
Saturday: We flew home again and unpacked and tried to get back to normal.
Sunday: We got up early and went to church and came home to relax a bit. Then Ryan went to play golf with a roommate from college.
Monday: We started to settle back into our normal routine. P and I did our Wal-mart shopping for the month. Then we went by the mall to pick up a few things before coming home to cook dinner for Ryan.

Tuesday: Payne went to daycare and I relaxed around the house. Then I went to lunch with some girls from church. Tuesday night the club was having a semi-annual meeting so we met Tim and Leigh for dinner and the girls talked and the boys went to the meeting. I love getting to see them!

Wednesday: Payne and I hung out at home I took him to daycare late. Then I went and ordered his birthday cakes, had lunch with a friend from college, and went to a training at school. Wednesday night we hosted bible study at our house. We love doing this every Wednesday.

Thursday: A friend from Ryan's office did Payne's invites for us. They are awesome and she was so sweet to do them for me! So, we got those ordered and they will be here Tuesday!  I also had to go by work to get my computer worked on for a bit, so Payne played in my room. Then it was back home to hang out!

Friday: We have been having problems with our garage so they came out to fix it and the P and I went to Target and Sam's. Friday night Ryan and I went to a dinner for the golf tournament he was playing in. It was fun to hang out with some friends.

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