Sunday, April 22, 2012

20 Months

You are wear 18-24 or 2T clothes. 
 You are starting to get back in a better routine for napping.
 You have done much better this past month about eating.
You will not sleep if people are spending the night at our house.
You hear music and you dance!
You love Elmo! We have acquired lots of Elmo things.
You love playing outside. We got you a play set for outside for your birthday a few months early.
You weigh about 27 pounds.
  You wear a size 6 shoe.
 You have 12 teeth and 4 coming in. You chew on your teether or a toothbrush. 
You repeat things we ask you to.
You talk to yourself a lot.
Your very social!
You love to sing and pray before bed.
You still sleep with doggy and a really soft blanket.
We love you so much!