Thursday, August 5, 2010

Packing for the Hospital Advice

Well, I packed for the hospital the week we got home from Colorado. I like to be prepared, in case you were wondering! :)
Though, since then I have unpacked and repacked several times. I am not sure what to really take.

So, therefore that is why I am asking you for advice.

What were something things you wished you would have taken?
What things do you take in general?
Things you took, but didn't really need?
Things your husband needs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Two Girls and a Guy! said...

Hey sarah Congrats to you and ryan! It wont be too much longer! Ok I have some advice b/c I packed my bag like a pregnant woman did ( I didnt think too clearly when I was) First make sure you take a nursing bra or nursing tank shirt or something if you are planning on nursing. And also bring clothes for a few days. Our daughter actually had to be in the special care nursery the whole time so we had to go down the hall everytime we wanted to see her and do feeding so I needed more clothes than I had! Also take some snacks b/c the hospital food isnt bad but I was so hungry anyways and I dont think we had a vending machine on our floor! Anyways good luck and just pack what you think and you can never take too much is what i always say!!

Jen said...

Ok.... take a couple of nightgowns or pajamas and a robe. Take a pair of flip flops to walk around the room/hospital in. Take the baby book and a pen (this helps pass some of the time). Obviously, you can take all of your "getting ready" stuff, like blowdryer, makeup, etc. Then you'll need something comfy to go home in. If you are breastfeeding, take some Lanolin cream (you will want it that first few days for sure!).

For baby: gowns, blankets, baby hats, socks, going home outfit. You'll probably want to take some pacifiers too.

That's all I can think of right now, I'll let you know if I think of anything else. He's almost here!!!

Jennifer said...

Dr. S told me the first time to pack like I was going on a weekend trip and that was good advice. Bring a robe and slippers, pajamas, something comfortable to wear home, your boppy, big girl panties (trust me on this one or call me if it doesn't make sense).

Make sure the outfits you bring for Payne have the little hand covers. He will want to poke himself in the eye the first few days so if you have the little folds it protects his face from getting scratched.

Ryan really doesn't need anything since he can drive back home. He may want a jacket while you are in labor though. I froze my family in the hospital room!

Gina said...

If your hospital allows it, bring your favorite pillow from home.
Socks- you may be hot now but labor brings on chills and I hate it when my feet are cold.
Amen to Jennifer's suggestion on the granny panties. And a couple of choices of outfits to come home in (for you). I overestimated what my post pregnancy body would look like.
Your MIL was my life-saver after Jon was born but that's a story for a not so public forum!!
Love you,