Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend

Well, last week my mom and Gran came on Thursday to see Payne. Ryan and I were able to run some errands while they watched him. Then that night we went to take his newborn pictures, which I just love. (go down to the last post and you can see them)
Before we left

Friday morning they left and Ryan, Payne and I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things. Ryan and I were feeling crafty I guess. We then came home and got crafty. We hung the crosses and I also painted a painting that is almost done.

Before and after. We are waiting on one more to go on the top left.
Then Saturday morning Payne and Ryan had cuddle time in the bed while I got ready, then Ryan and I switched.

Ryan's parents came up for the day to see Payne and let us go on a date. Though that afternoon we went to Sallie Grace's birthday party. It was so cute. She had a blast.

That night Ryan and I went to Bordino's for dinner. I had been wanting to go there since I was pregnant, but my favorite thing I couldn't eat because it had goat cheese. Then Sunday morning we went to church. Payne did good until Nick started preaching and then he decided he was hungry and started crying. So, I left and went to feed him and waited for them to get out. Sunday afternoon tried to pick up our house that was out of control. Then I went to Flavour at the church that night along with 450 other women. I got to see Sherry Johnston from the Biggest Loser.

On our way to church.

We had a busy past few days. Today I just stayed at home.


Rachael Wright Jones said...

Busy, busy!!! Love the crosses! I can't wait to see your painting!

harris1013 said...

Ok, I just had to leave a comment and tell you that your baby boy is beautiful! He reminds me of my son...I just can't get over how cute he is and your family.
I love your blog, too cute! I am from Benton and know Ryan's parents.