Tuesday, August 17, 2010

39 Weeks

How my life is changing:

I'm becoming way more emotional than I have been before.
I am in love with peaches still! I eat all the time and I am thirsty all the time. I drink a huge glass of OJ in the morning which is something new in the last two weeks.
I do like to eat peach sherbet with powdered donuts on it!
Sleep is off and on still. Luckily mostly on this past week. I have found if I eat a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night I can go back to sleep really fast.
I gained 1 pound last week for a total of 18 pounds now.
I will start school Thursday since there was no progression.
I did so well the last two weeks with keeping my house clean, but I have kind of let it go again! Though Ryan did hire a maid for me! I am so thankful for my hubby!

Payne's Development:

I forget to ask how big she thinks he is. I have become more concern on when he'll be here. I know that it is a waiting game and I have to be patient, but I really want to hold this little boy! His heart beat was 140 bpm on Monday. So, she said everything sounds and looks good. Just no progression.

Payne's Room:

It is clean and ready for him. I use his blankets now instead of mine. :) I like to cuddle with them!

Things to Look Forward too:

School Thursday! I am ready to meet the new students!
Doctor's apt Monday!
If Payne doesn't come on his own, we will see about inducing on Wednesday!
Football season is right around the corner! Yes, Payne will be tailgating!!!

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