Monday, March 2, 2009

The past few weeks!

Well I am sure you know that I have been a horrible blogger. Since I last updated a lot has happened.
Two weekends ago we had a very busy busy weekend. In one weekend this is what all we had to do. Saturday at 8 with met with Clay, Ryan's youth minster who is helping perform our wedding. Then we had cake tasting at 10, I had to get my makeup done for a test for the wedding day at 12, at 3 I had to go help set up for a shower that I was hosting at 4. 6 we had to be in Benton for a couples shower that Ryan's parents friends were hosting for us. Then Sunday I went to church at 8 and then had another shower at 1 hosted by PV church friends. Then we drove back to Fayetteville. Needless to say after all of that I was pooped!
The cake tasting was great! It was a really fun experience. Ryan, Tim, Amy, my mom, and I all went. We decided on just plain white cake with butter cream icing. There is another thing that is a little different about our cake but I'll just leave that until the wedding.
At 4 Michelle, Drew, Allison, and I hosted a shower for Rachael. It was cupcakes and cocktails. It was a lot of fun and good mingling with friends. She got lots of good gifts, like martini glasses, drinking glasses, a muffin pan, other goodies, and the best was she got.... ask her! She will be laughing for a long time!! We love you Rachie! It would only happen to you!!
The Couples Honey-do shower was great! Ryan I think really enjoyed it. We got a lot of good stuff, a weed eater, water hose, shovels, rakes, an iron, a dust buster, garden tools, and an awesome bucket full of goodies.

On Sunday we had the PV shower. It was a lot of fun and 6 of my 7 bridesmaids were there. I think everyone enjoyed getting to know them. We once again were not let down with all the awesome gifts we got.

Also, I wanted to post a few pictures of Ms. Sallie Grace!! She is so cute and developing a funny personality.

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