Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well on Thursday we finally found a house we loved! Let me tell you looking for houses with our Realtor is always an adventure!!! We love Jason!!!! The first house...well let's just say something bad happened there. There was blood on the walls and in the toilet. Another house was a repo where the people had taken everything. Toilets, sink, carpet, light fixtures, even the piping to the sink and air condition, they left nothing!
After our family came this weekend we decide on Sunday night that we would make on offer on Monday on this house we loved. They countered the first offer but accepted with second offer! We are so excited! If everything goes as planned we will close on April 3 and I will move on April 11! WHOO!! Here is a picture of our new house! More to come later of the inside! You would think after looking at the house 6 times I would have taken some pictures but sorry I didn't!

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Lauren McKnight said...

Yay congrats! I like it! Where is it?