Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Five: 2 Men and 1 Girl

Today Mike, Rae-Marie, and I went out for our last day skiing. Tracey was going to stay at the condo and work and Sarah was going to edit her final paper for the Masters in Elementary Ed. program. We decided to head to Peak 10 which we hadn't been to all week; 3 Blue-Blacks and 2 Blacks. We ran down 5 runs in less than an hour. We then decided to head over to Peak 8 where the T-Bar is located. We skied down a few more blacks and then decided to hit the Double Black Bowls on the back of the mountain. Lunch time: we were exhausted, 10 runs by noon. We ate at Vista Haus again, the BBQ was amazing! It was kinda of nice just to sit and relax for a little bit and enjoy the weather. After lunch, we headed down a few blacks we hadn't yet done but found out they were very slushy (temps in low 50s). It was then time to hit one more part of the mountain we hadn't yet ventured to this week, E-Chair Lift. A two person lift that went very quick. Mike and I rode up together and Rae-Marie was right behind us. She had a some trouble unloading, like missed the unloading area, and had to bail out about 5 ft. above the ground; needless to say it didn't end well (but I won't bore you with the details)! She was a pretty shaken up so we thought one more run on the back and then call it a day.

Oh yeah, Sarah and Tracey got bored at the condo so they decided to go to Silverthorne to the Outlet Mall. What a surprise!!

What a great vacation! I think we will all be paying for it tomorrow and the days to come!

Thank you Mr. Mike and Tracey, we all had a wonderful time.

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