Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day One: We are not who we used to be!

Sarah, Mr. Mike, Tracey, Rae-Marie and I got up bright and early for a hearty breakfast, while getting ready which takes much longer than I remember the news came on, Temp 6 degrees F and wind chill of -15. Wow that's cold! We are staying at the Hyatt on Peak 9 in Breckenridge, what a beautiful place! Now its time to hit the slopes.

8:00 - Down to pick up the skis and boots at one of the ski shops on the mountain. We got fitted the evening before and all the workers kept saying "Get here early, we expect at least an hour wait in the morning." Idiots! It took literally two seconds.

8:45 - After goofing off for 45 minutes we get in line to head up the slopes. After a few minute ride and a 2 year lay-off it was time to test our skills. Tracey tore her ACL last winter so we took it fairly easy on the first run of the day. She and Mike hung back and just let her acquaint herself for the morning. While Sarah, Rae-Marie and I head downhill; the three of us had a good morning ski. Sarah is a very controlled skier (should I have expected less?) I am a self taught skiier (except for a half day lesson the first time I came) so I am a rather fast skier with little control. But hey, it gets me down the mountain. No falls, except for Sarah we were unloading on time a snowboarder plowed her over.

12:00 - Lunch time. We at on the mountain at Vista Haus. They had a variety of food for everyone. It was nice to get to sit down and rest for about an hour.

1:00 - After lunch, Tracey decided not to wear herself out and was going to make the longest run on the mountain and take it on to the condo. Rae-Marie went with her. Mr. Mike wanted to test out a few Black/Blue runs on Peak 10. Sarah wanted to head over to Peak 7 (used to be the slowest of the 4 mountains but with the addition of a new lodge there it had become swamped.) We made a run down Angel's Rest and decided it was time to get back over to either Peak 8 or Peak 9 (less crowded). We made about 4 runs after lunch and decided and visit to the hot tub would be nice before we killed ourselves.

That wraps up Day 1 of skiing in Breckenridge. We will try to take more pictures so that would guys can live vicariously through our lives. SB09!!!!!


Lauren McKnight said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun...meanwhile I'm getting ready to go to work tomorrow. Blah! =( Glad to hear there were no injuries on Day 1. Keep up the good work!

P.S. I'm lovin' the play-by-play!

Mare-Mare said...

Glad you are having a good time! Be safe... we don't need the bride and groom limping down the aisle!
Can't wait to see more pics.
I love you!