Monday, March 9, 2009

You know your in Arkansas when......

You see a man in the McDonald's line on a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he wrote off back up the rode with his McDonald's in the satchel.

Needless to say I was very shock to see this!


Gina said...

Just last friday, a friend and I were leaving the convention center in the big city of Des Moines when we saw a couple of guys carrying a deer head. She said, "only in Iowa would you see that!"
"oh, no", I assured her, "you'd see it in Arkansas too!"
Turns out there was a sportsmans convention that evening. We saw 3 more deer heads on the way to our car.

Jill said...

is that in greenland at the luvs station? i so saw a guy riding a horse there last year. it was the funniest thing! congrats on getting your dress in, i am sure it is stunning!

The Game Camel said...

Thats SO strange you mention Iowa in the Arkansas thread here...Ive been searching for facts/stories/opinions on what makes Arkansas different from Iowa. I'm sort of on a quest to find the main difference between people here (in Arkansas) and in Iowa. So far I've discovered that people here are less likely to strike up a comfortable conversation with a complete stranger.