Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Four: Skiing with no plan!

Ryan and I on the way to Beaver Creek!

Today we went over to Beaver Creek to see what that mountain was about. We drove around and looked for the placed to park and discover that you could be dropped off at the bottom of the lift. So Dad and Tracey dropped Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I off at the top and all the skis. We looked at the map but it was confusing and just easier to just go to the top and see what was up there.

Ryan and I waiting for Dad and Tracey to get up there so we could start skiing. Rae-Marie and I waiting. It was hot at the bottom of the mountain with that many clothes on.

After we got on the lift and it went uphill and downhill, which scared me. I was not expecting the lift to go downhill. We finally made it to the top and started down a green run to warm up and see how this mountain was going to treat us. All was well except it was a little too easy and too icy. On the way down I decided we needed to have a photo shoot!

My dad and I skiing!
Ryan and I!
The boys!The girls!

Since it was so easy, Dad sent Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I to the harder side of the mountain. In order to get to the other side you had to go down this cat walk crap. We finally get to the lift that takes you to the other mountain and we ski up and I look at the big sign that tells about the mountain, the lift, and where it is taking you. When I looked at it all I saw was that it took you to DOUBLE BLACK DIAMONDS! No I didn't freak out, I was just going to get on it and see where it took me! After all I had been skiing for 2 hours now and not looking at a map so what the heck! But Ryan freaked out and pulled out the map when we were about 3 people back in line to get on the lift. Needless to say I start freaking out that he isn't going to be ready to get on the lift. So I start telling him to get ready so he is trying and we are lined up (left to right) Ryan, Rae-Marie, and me and the chair comes around from the left. Therefore reaching the left person first, Ryan. Well he isn't going to quite make it up to the line so he tries to scoot over so that he will miss you chair but didn't get far enough out of the way. The arm rest of the chair caught him between the legs and he falls onto the chair laying down, skis in the air, poles flapping everywhere! Then the chair hit Rae-Marie so she lands on top of Ryan! Therefore now they are both laying down on the chair stacked on top of each other! I am dying laughing and trying to make it on the chair myself because at this point they still hadn't stop the lift! Probably cause they were laughing to hard! Needless to say they finally stopped the chair after we had already gotten in the air and they had sat up! We were laughing so hard we couldn't even answer the lift operator when he asked if we were ok! This was the down fall of actually being good skiers for the day! After that everything was falling apart! But it was the funniest thing!
Now remember we are on the way to the top of this mountain and all we know that is up there is double black diamonds! We finally made it off the lift and we found a green that we thought we could take. Never did we consult a map to see what was on the other end! We just start skiing. We then came up on this sign!
I want to take Cinch down but Ryan looks at the map and tells me the only way to the restaurant is to take the black. So I said what the heck let's go. But first I wanted to take the picture to make sure everyone knew that I did go down the black! It really wasn't bad and headed down to the restaurant to rest and eat a snack sitting in the snow! Here is a picture of me sitting at the restaurant looking back up at the black run I did!
Well the after the rest we went back to the top using another lift and I found a run for Ryan and Rae-Marie could take that was through the woods and I could go down the green run next to them. After I waited on them forever at the end of the run they finally came and they said it was a pretty intense run through the woods with the whole 6ft. wide path being moguls. Then we went to lunch. My dad met us there and Tracey went to the bottom to hang out.
Afternoon skiing was OK but it was so warm that the snow was starting to melt and become slushy. We skied several runs once again not really knowing where we were going we just went. It was a lot of fun and I laughed all day long because so many funny things happened! Overall, this was my favorite day of skiing but I didn't really like Beaver Creek! It was the people I was with that made it all fun!

Happy Easter early! This was carved out at the top of one of the lifts! It was really cool!

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