Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Five/Six: Driving home.

On Thursday night Rae-Marie and I wanted to go to Cold Stone to get some ice cream because, well ice cream is good. So we left and went down there about 7:35 so we could be back in time for Grey's. Cold Stone is only about 75ft. from our condo. Once we got to Cold Stone the line was out the door as normal so we were freezing standing outside when fire trucks, police, and ambulances come rushing to the condos where we were staying. So nosey me had to go back up the hill and find out what was happening. Come to find out someone that pulled the fire alarm in the main building of the condos. So I went back to Cold Stone and got my ice cream and then Rae-Marie and I ran back t watch Grey's because it was now 8:10, Cold Stone took forever! We got back in the condo and no one was there. I tried to call Dad. Tracey, and Ryan but of course no answer. So about 30 minutes later I tried Tracey again and she answered and told me to pack my things we were leaving now. They had packed all the bags in the car already. I was so confused we were supposed to leave in the morning. What was I to due with my ice cream and watching Grey's??? But I packed my stuff up an finished watching Grey's and then we headed down to the car to finish packing it up. Here are the pictures of us leaving that night!

This was the time we left at night, that would be 10:29 Arkansas time.
The three of us laid down the in back with about 15 blankets and pillows and slept through the night.

Our wonderful nighttime drivers! Thanks!

Needless to say we did make it back to Fayetteville about 12:30 the next day with only small issues like major traffic jams in the middle of the night in Denver, Tulsa traffic jams because they don't know how to merge traffic, and Oklahoma's Air Traffic Control monitoring the highway from the air and radioing it down to 15 police officers so they could pull people over. (UNFAIR)
We dropped Ryan off in Fayetteville and the rest of us went on to Little Rock. They dropped me off at my mom's house at about 4:00 to try on my wedding dress for the first time since it was ordered. It was too big, so we will have to get that fixed. But Mrs. Debbie came to pick me up we went headed about to Fayetteville at 4:30. Needless to say we hit another traffic jam in Conway which took an hour to get through so we did not make it back to Fayetteville until 8:30. All in too if you look at the first picture above I rode around in a car for 23 hours. I was pooped! The end of the Colorado adventures!

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