Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stock the Bar Shower

Joshua, Elizabeth, Tim, Matt, Brittani, Allison, and Baxter all hosted a Stock the Bar shower for us a few weekends ago. It was a great time to just hang out and get to see some friends. Here are a few pictures from the night. Thank you all it was a fun night! Though everyone turned in by 10 o'clock. I think we must be getting old.

Joshua, Ryan, and Adam. These boys were long time roommates. Both boys are groomsmen in the wedding.
The two boys, Matt and Tim, who take Ryan away from me the most. But I love them both! They also are both groomsmen in the wedding.

Ryan and Conner. They have been playing in golf tournaments together for a long time and were both Kappa Sigma's together. Conner will also be a groomsmen in our wedding.

Amy, me, and Ali the best roommates ever! I love you all! Allison is my maid of honor and Amy is part of our house party. Ryan and I before we opened presents! Thanks to everyone who came we love each and everyone. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends like you all!


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