Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Two: Another Great Day!!!

Well today was beautiful! I wore 2 less layers than yesterday! ( I had on 6 on yesterday) Rae-Marie, Ryan, and I headed over to Peak 7 this morning for several blue runs. This is my favorite of the 4 peaks. We got in about 7 runs before things started to get really crowded so we decided to break for lunch. Ryan and I came home to eat and rest and Rae-Marie met my dad on the mountain for lunch.
After a nice rest Ryan and I headed back out to tackle some runs that we had not yet hit. We got in several blues and we even went down some blue/blacks. These made me nervous because I don't wanna fall because I forgot my knee brace. All I can think about when I think about falling is walking down the aisle in a cast! Also, I have this weird thing about when I am skiing I don't like to do the same run twice unless I have to in order to get somewhere else. This way you cover as many runs as you possible can! Ryan was mad about this at first but I have got him in that mind set now! He gets mad when I try to take the easy way down and we have already done that run, so we have to pick a new one!
Tonight we are laying low resting up and going to eat some taco soup and have game night! Here are some pictures from today! Yes I put them on a timer and took the pictures of us! I'm a dork!

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