Tuesday, June 1, 2010

28 Weeks/7 Months!

28 Weeks! The start of the third trimester! I'm on my last leg of the pregnancy!

How my life's changing:

I run into things all the time with this big belly. I was washing dishes the other night and realized I can barley reach the water, because my belly won't allow me to get up next to the counter! There is no sucking in to squeeze by things or people. So I just run into everything.
I am hungry ALL the time! I could eat 24 hours a day and not be full!!! I don't eat much at each sitting, but I eat!
I go to the bathroom around 12-15 times a day! I feel like I am back in the first trimester!
I can't remember anything, therefore I have to write everything down!!

Payne's Development:

Payne weighs about 2 to 2.5 pounds. He is about a foot and half long. Payne is blinking a lot now and has eyelashes. He can see the light that is coming into the womb now too. He is still gaining fat every week too, helping him plump up. He is still kicking up a storm for me, but doesn't hardly kick for anyone else. About the only time Ryan can feel him is at night when I'm laying down. I love to feel him move. He kicks all day long for me and I just hold my belly! People probably think I am weird! I can see him moving in my belly all the time and I love it! It hurts sometimes, but I know I will miss it when I slows down and he runs out of room!

Payne's Room and Other Stuff:

We got the bedding! I LOVE it!! Thanks Mom!!!!! I am going to wait and show it to you when I have the bed to put it on. Hopefully that will be two weeks. The crib and dresser are supposed to ship Thursday!!! I am holding my breath!!! I hope it comes next week, because Ryan will be out of town all weekend and I can reorganize his room eight hundred times!!!
The rug also came in! It is so soft, I like rubbing my feet on it!

My mom also got Payne a very cute sign to hang on the door at the hospital and for his room! It is so cute! It has polka-dots for me and argyle for Ryan!
Isn't it so so so cute!!!!
Then one of my mom's friends, Kay made us this super cute diaper cake! We love it! Thanks Kay!

He is starting to get a few outfits! Here are some of the new ones from the week.

The top two my mom bought him over the weekend! They were both a steal for less than $5 each! The bottom two, one of my sweet students gave him!!!
Things to Look Forward to:

Tomorrow is my last day of school, so I won't be working everyday now. I am thankful that I won't be standing outside at recess being pregnant in the middle of summer. I think it is hot enough to be outside and this pregnant! There is no way I could do it all summer!
My friend Kelley is coming this weekend! I can't wait to get to hang out with her!!
My appointment is Monday at lunch time. I hope it isn't too busy. I think I have a lot of questions to ask. Let's see if I remember to ask.
I am ready for the other furniture to be here and then the other painting the LK art is making will be finished soon! Once it gets here the room will almost be complete! Just a few more small things that I am going to pick up when we go home for the family reunion.


Jennifer said...

Brody saw your picture and said, "Rye!" We know who the favortie is! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I can't remember anything NOW so I can't imagine when I get pregnant...that won't be good at all! Love you!

amyj said...

You look beautiful! I see many more baby Greens in your future. Can't wait to meet Payne!