Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, since it has been just over a year now, I guess I will confess!
One because it is funny now and two because I wanted Ryan and I to remember what happen that night! Though I don't think I'll ever forget it!
On our honeymoon the last night Ryan and I were sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean waiting on dinner time to roll around! I started to mess with my camera because Ryan didn't like the noise it made when it took a picture. Somehow when I was messing with it I deleted all the pictures on the camera. Well, you can only image what happened next. I had a complete panic attack and started bawling crying! There was nothing we could do! All the pictures were gone! No way to get them back! I went into complete panic mode. My thoughts were "Must retake all the pictures! NOW!!! We are leaving in 12 hours!"
So my sweet hubby tried to calm me down and reassure me that everything was going to be ok! Which it wasn't! I had no pictures of our honeymoon!!!!!!
Ryan suggested that we eat and then we could walk around and take some pictures. I wasn't hungry at all! I wanted my pictures back!!
I decided that we need to go back to all the places we had been and take pictures in the outfits we were wearing! Therefore, yes we went back to the room and got several outfits and put them in a bag and went back to all the places we had been and took pictures! That included a 30 minute bus ride to another resort to take pictures and then 30 minutes back! The only thing was we had gone on an excursion one day. I knew there was no hope of getting those pictures back! After about 3 hours of retaking pictures Ryan and I finally went back to the restaurant we were trying eat at several hours earlier and had dinner. Though we still hadn't taken enough pictures, so needless to say, we were up at 6 am the next morning to take more pictures during the day. I was satisfied with the pictures we retook, though I was completely sunburned in all of them. I think by the time we left the resort we had taken 111 pictures. Some people we met on the trip were also nice enough to send us some scenery pictures of the excursion as well. When we got back I took the camera to Bedford's to see if they could recover some of the pictures and they got about 5 pictures, all of the excursion we had been on, I was so happy in the store I cried! They gave them to me for free because they felt so bad for me, I guess!
Anyways! Here are a few pictures of right after my panic attack! You can tell I had been crying!

I had to regroup so we could take pictures and me not look like the crazy person I was! Also, here are the pictures they recovered! There were a bunch they didn't get back, but I was thankful for what they did get.

Ryan and our guide Shawayne
The fruit of death. You shouldn't eat it because your lips would become one big blister.

Since, this we now travel with a computer so we can upload the photos each day or I only touch the buttons on the camera I know how to use! There is no trying to change the settings anymore!!!

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