Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3

We are still enjoying our time at the beach! It rained all morning long here and not a little, a lot! Mr. Randy and Ryan had headed out early to play golf, so the rest of us just hung out and played games, watched tv, and ate! I am definitely say I have eaten a lot on this trip! Oh well!

The boys came back around lunch time so we all ate and by then it had cleared up a little so we headed to the beach.

It was still a little cloudy, but everyone had fun. Ryan, Baxter, and Allison played in the waves for a while. They were the biggest waves I have ever seen.

We also played a little paddle ball.

Then we all laid out for a while.

After a while I got hot so I came to get in the pool and cool off before I hit the shower. Read the pool rules. We really liked rule number three.

Ryan and his daddy like to dress alike. :) We all thought it was pretty funny, but they didn't think so!

For dinner we headed down 30A to eat at Goatfeathers. None of us have ever eaten there, but we all agreed it was really good and made happy plates! After dinner we went to get sno cones and ice cream and do a little shopping. During the time we were walking around shopping it started pouring again! :(
This morning it is half way sunny, so hopefully we can have a beautiful day!

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