Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2 of Vacay

We laid low today. We all slept in this morning. It was raining and very cloudy when I got up. It finally quit raining and we headed to the pool. It stayed cloudy all day, but I still managed to get a little sun. We finally came up for lunch about three and then it rained really hard again. Soon it quit and we went back. I read two books while at the pool today. Even though they were out of my class library I'm sure my momma would be proud of me. We went down to the beach this evening and Baxter and Ryan played in the waves, while Ali and I stood on the beach and talked. Tonight Ryan and I took our turn in cooking. We made pesto tomato pork tenderloin, green bean bundles, deviled eggs, and rolls. It turned out pretty good. Now as I blog Mrs. Debbie, Ali, Baxter, and I are playing a very competitive game of phase 10. Ryan and Mr. Randy are reading and watching tv. Sorry no pictures today since I blogged from my phone.

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