Monday, June 14, 2010

Ryan's Golf Trip

Ryan left Thursday night to go on a LONG weekend golf trip with some friends. I knew this weekend was coming for a while, but didn't realize how lonely I would be! By Friday night I was so ready for him to come home. I decided I don't like to stay by myself. I couldn't go anywhere because I worked at the store on Saturday, but next time I will be planning a fun trip for myself!!

They played the Payne Stewart golf course in Branson on Friday which Ryan was so excited about!!! (Why wouldn't he be, we are naming our child after him) He said it was really hard, but he wants to go back. Then Friday night they drove back to Harrison to play in a golf tournament there. He won the "Horse Race" golf match on Friday night! Then the played in the actual tournament on Saturday and Sunday. They finished fourth. He said they had an awesome time! I'm thankful Ryan has such wonderful friends to take a weekend getaway trip with and have some guy time, but I sure missed him!!!!! I forgot to send my camera with him so there are no pictures. I am not sure if I did send it I would have gotten any pictures. Oh well.

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