Tuesday, June 29, 2010

32 weeks!

How my life is changing:

Sleeping is getting better. I am still loving snow cones or anything cold! I am hot all the time. I have to just lay in the pool or sit in the pool because otherwise I turn red from how hot I get! I learned that salty foods make your feet swell. I won't be eating anymore popcorn or cheese dip! At my last appointment I had gained 13 pounds. I am going to try to start watching what I eat, but vacation isn't helping me at all!

Payne's Development:

Our appointment went well last week. Heartbeat was 140. We also had an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok before we started traveling. He is still head down. The big bulge I keep filling on my right side is his butt and his feet and knees are on my left. He hasn't slowed down in the movement like I thought he would. Everything looks good she said. She also said that he is measuring a little early. I am beginning to wonder if he is planning on coming early.

Payne's Room and Things:

We are planning on doing some shopping while we are in Florida! That probably means he will get a several new outfits! Other than that his room hasn't changed much. I am hoping maybe when we get back in between vacations we can hang the pictures on the wall.

Things to Look Forward too:

We are enjoying our week in Florida with Ryan's family!
We have our first shower next Thursday, that I am super excited about!
Doctor's appointment next Thursday too. I still really excited about the doctors appointments! I love hearing his heartbeat!
We are headed to Colorado soon too!

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