Monday, June 7, 2010

The past few days!

It was a busy week/weekend! On Thursday I slept in, which was great! Then I headed to get my oil changed, the dentist, and to take Lucy to the vet!!! That was a lot to get in one afternoon! That night we went with Heather and Adam to the Morris' for dinner. We had salad, pizza, and some good strawberry ice cream!

Sallie has learned to call the hogs! It is so cute! But, we can't take our eyes off of Mickey for too long! Ryan and Sallie watching Mickey and friends!

Friday the Heather and Adam started moving in across the street! I helped a little bit, not really, I talked to Heather! Then Kelley got here around lunch. We went shopping and then came home to pick up Ryan for dinner. We went to the Country Club with Leigh and Tim for the boys favorite, Taco Buffet!
Kelley and I at the Club

Saturday morning we slept in and Ryan mulched the flower beds, Kelley and I got ready, went to lunch, then to get a pedicure, and shopped some more! That afternoon we went to the Coleman's for a cookout. We couldn't stay long because we had already planned to go to the movies and dinner. We saw Letters to Juliet and ate a Noodles. I thought the movie was good, but slow and predictable. Sunday we went to church and just ate at home! I had a great weekend with my friends! Thanks for coming to visit Kelley!

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