Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Month Away!

That is what my 3rd graders would say and that is about the way we are feeling about now!
Payne's due date is only a month away!
I can't wait to see him and hold him!

I have been trying think about what this day will actually be like.
I daydream all day long! These are some of the things I think about:

Will he come in the middle of the night?
What am I going to be doing when my water breaks!
I'm going to be the one laying in the hospital bed with people taking pictures of me!
I'm going to have a little baby boy!
I am going to be in charge of another human life!
I wonder what color hair and eyes he'll have.
I wonder how big he will be? Huge with lots of rolls like me or little like Ryan?
I hope he likes to cuddle with me and wants me to hold him all the time!
This isn't going to be like babysitting! He is mine forever! I am in charge! I'll have to take him to the doctor when he gets sick or hurt!

My mind runs wild all the time! I am so excited that in only a short few weeks he will be here for my to hold!!!

I so can't wait for the day to finally be here! You have no clue how excited we are!!!


Jennifer said...

My before baby advice...Get as much sleep as you can (which isn't much right now), enjoy going places by yourself, and go on a few extra dates with Ryan.:)

Payne will be here so soon! I can't believe it! I'm ready to see that boy!

Steven Hovater said...


There are twenty-one exclamation points in this post.

Every one of them is deserved! It is an amazing and exciting time!

Jen said...

You are so cute! I love your monthly pictures! I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby boy when he gets here!

Laura said...

What an wonderful time for you guys. I don't know from experience but my friends have said that the flooding thoughts are normal and they get your brain ready for mulit-tasking. :)

Anonymous said...

We are so excited too! I think about you, Payne, and Ryan every day...wondering when I'll get the call so I can come up there and see my nephew. And YES he is my nephew even though I looked it up and technically, Payne will be my "first cousin once removed" which is way too long and confusing, so nephew it is! Love you very much.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I am with Jennifer on pre-baby advice. Instead of counting the days....or in addition to counting the days until little Payne arrives...really just cherish and enjoy the last month of couple times. Go on dates, watch movies you want to see in the theater, etc. (You will still be able to do these things after...but no longer is totally worth the adjustment.)

So ready to see that sweet boy!! Be prepared...I was totally taken by surprise and unprepared to love somebody that much! (That soundsd crazy but you will understand soon.) It was scary!! Haha.