Tuesday, July 13, 2010

34 Weeks!

How my life's changing:

My favorite part of last week was definitely Thursday! The doctor was good and didn't gain any weight! Therefore I have only gained 13 pounds! Also, I loved our shower last week and getting to be with all our friends!
Other things that are going on: I am always thirsty! I can't get it to go away. I am always drinking something, therefore my bathroom breaks are about every 30 minutes! I did really good, so I thought, on the way to Colorado. We stopped about every hour or hour and half. I have had a running nose for about a week now which is just plain annoying! I am craving anything peach flavored. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is peach! When eating I have to eat really slow or take breaks about every 5 minutes to let my food settle. Ryan tells me I am waddling places. I feel huge, so I guess what is what is causing it! I have noticed the shortness of breath starting to set in and Colorado doesn't make it any better. Sleep is still an issue. I am not sure what to do about it, but try my best to rest when I can. I can lay down for a nap and be yawning, but I can't go to sleep.

Payne's Development:
The doctor's appointment last Thursday went well. His heart beat was at 145bpm. We were talking about going to Colorado when she was measuring me, so I don't know if I was still measuring ahead or not.
He is still a pretty active little boy! He weighs about 4 pounds right now and is about 18 inches long. I can't believe that he is already that big.

Payne's Room:
Payne's room is quickly filling up with presents! We are planning on hanging the last of the things on the wall when we get back. We have just been so busy over the past 4 weeks.

Things to Look Forward to:

We have another appointment the Monday we get back. Then we will start weekly appointments! I can't believe that time is already here!
I will be head to Little Rock next weekend for a shower in Benton on Saturday, some family time, and another shower on Tuesday. I am so ready! I can't believe that he is almost here!

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