Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look What We Got!

Well, we finally broke down and brought a new camera last night!

Its a Canon Rebel EOS XS! I am still watching videos on how to use it because Ryan told me I needed to use it to its full potential. It also came with an extra lens that is really long and a big fancy bag to carry it around in. I feel like a real photographer! Maybe I will be able to learn all about in Colorado. If you got any tips let me know!
I am super excited! Now I just need a little subject to photography all the time!


Leah said...

You will LOVE it!! I have a Nikon and its amazing! Takes a lot of learning but definitely worth it!

Kelli Ann said...

That's awesome! Yep, as soon as Payne gets here yall can have paparazzi and "mamarazzi" photo shoots of your cute little boy! Haha! (get it? Mama and Papa! Punny, I know!)