Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Day In Colorado and Back to Normal Life

On our way home we went by the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It was so beautiful out and very HOT!! One of my dad's friends works there, so he gave us a tour.

This is the chapel. They have a place in there for all religions to worship. It was crazy how many different places it had. On top of all of that it is so beautiful!
These are the dorms where all the cadets live.

Then we headed to lunch and on to the Garden of the Gods. They were amazing! I stood out of the sunroof to take pictures.

These last two pictures are of the Balanced Rock. You could drive in between them.

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon. Ryan then mowed the grass and I unpacked. I will be here a few days and then I'm headed to Little Rock for some showers and to spend time with the family!
Today Ryan woke me up and had breakfast made for me. Then we headed to church. After church we ate and I ran errands and Ryan headed to the golf course to practice for his tournament coming up. We are glad to have a normal life, for a few days anyways.

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