Monday, July 12, 2010

Colorado Day 2

The play last night was so good! It was incredibly funny! We laughed the whole time! Though when we got there they were asking for volunteers to be apart of the spelling bee. So we decided to sign Papa up. Then I decided I would sign up as well, even though I can't spell. Well, they only choose 4 people to be in the play and I was chosen. I went up on stage in the first 5 minutes of the play and was up there for half of Act 1. My character was kicked out of the spelling bee in the first round. I could hardly spell my word because they introduced me as a junior high student who was writing a book on "The pitfalls of going to a high school prom with a boy". Then the sentence for my word was something about a little boy playing with his dingy! Anyways, so I misspelled the word and they sang good-bye to me and gave me a juice box and kicked me off stage. I was glad to go back to my seat and not be on stage anymore. Here are some pictures before the play started.

Well, they decided after yesterday's bike ride and getting home late from the play that they needed a day of rest before they climbed the 14,000 foot mountain. So, instead of climbing we went to the fun park at the top of Peak 8. There was a climbing wall, super slid, putt-putt, a maze, and panning for gold. I wasn't able to do the climbing wall or super slid so I took pictures and panned for gold by myself!

Ryan and I on the putt putt course. We shot about the same thing. But Papa wouldn't tell us the end scores because he didn't want anyone mad at each other. (He won anyways)
Tracey, Ryan, and Rae-Marie on the climbing wall. Below Tracey was coming down and Ryan was going up and they were arguing about where to put their feet and hands.

Rae-Marie and Ryan coming down the slid. They had to ride another chair uplift higher up the mountain and then came down on the slid.
Ryan and I on the gondola on the way back down. It kept stopping and I was so hot!

It is so funny to me that all the slides and putt putt course is always under the snow when we re skiing in the winter. The slide was down one of our favorite runs and we didn't even know it was under there!
This afternoon we went shopping at the outlet mall. We bought a few things for ourselves, but Payne was the bigger winner of the day.
Tomorrow they are going to climb Quandry and I am planning on laying by the pool and getting a pedicure!

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