Monday, May 3, 2010

Dallas and More Adventures!

Well, we finished the race and came in 62 out of 115!The official results were posted today! Not to bad if you ask me!

The plan was to go to IKEA after the race before headed to Denton, Tx to see my family. That got rethought really fast after we finished the race and I was exhausted! So, we headed straight to the house. We showered and got ready to go to dinner. My oldest cousin Clayton left for Spain today and won't be back until November!! I was excited to get to see everyone since I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving. We went to eat at a BBQ place that was so good! Then we had cake. It was in the shape of Spain! How cool!

That night we went back home to crash! IKEA shopping was early the next day!!!!

I freaking LOVE IKEA!!! It is a place that take about 4-5 hours to do it right! We didn't have that kind of time so we walked fast and only looked at the things on our list! We wanted picture frames, a mirror, shelves, storage box, a light, and a dresser.
We manage to get the picture frames and the dresser. We also found some hardware for the bathroom cabinets and a little storage thing for the babies room.
After two hours and my leg and feet hurting again we headed home to Fayetteville!

6 hours later we arrived home, but our adventures don't end there!
Ryan cleaned the lawn mower so he could take it to the old house to mow Rae-Marie's yard. He must have thought a lot while he was doing that. He decided that we should go to the laundry mat and wash Lucy's blankets for the season. So, well, we went to Tim's to get the new lawn mower, brought it back to the house dropped it off, took the old mower to RM's, and then headed to the laundry mat.

We threw the laundry in and head to get dinner at Quizno's (because I have wanted it since umm Friday and hadn't gotten it). We decided to go to the one on the U of A campus. Ryan dropped me off to get the food and he went to throw away the boxes from the dresser. No luck with food they were close and it was only 8:30! Ugh! So it was back to the laundry mat to pick up the blankets. Since it was already 8:45 we just brought the blankets home to dry. On the way home I asked Ryan why we had to go to the laundry mat tonight! Why when we had done so much stuff this weekend were we stilling out doing things.
Yet, I wanted to put the dresser together when we got home. So, we began at 9. About 9:25 we realized that we were missing the back of the dresser!!! Well, that meant DUMPSTER DIVING! That's right we grabbed the flashlights and head back the U of A to the dumpster! We got it out and headed back home! I was so irritated at this point, but I was still going to put that dresser together and put it in the room!! End of story!
We finally finished and got it in there about 11.

So all in all we kept adventuring until 11 last night!

We are about to head to Josh and Jennifer's baby revel party! I can't wait!!!! I think it's a girl! We'll see!

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Steven Hovater said...

Ha Ha! the idea of irritated pregnant Sarah marching Ryan up to dive through some trash in the middle of the night has absolutely made my morning. Hilarious and very easy to imagine!