Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bruiser's Baseball

Tonight Sarah and I went out to Walker Park to watch our little buddy Henry play ball. (Henry was the ring bearer in our wedding.) Man I miss being at the ballpark - I grew up on the ball field, in camps, umping - you name it I did it. Give Payne just a few years, he will be out there dominating like Henry!
Next up to bat

Henry plays for the Bruiser's - 3 for 3 at the plate, and a put out playing second. Pretty good I must say so myself. And best of all they WON (15-14 in the bottom of the third) on time limit or they would have kept putting it on the other team.
About to hit the ball

Smashing the ball!Gonna score a run!

Great job Henry and the Bruiser's. By the way, Henry and his brother and probably two of the best mannered little boys in NWA - Sarah and I always say we hope Payne is that well mannered - hopefully with our parenting and a few helpful hints from the boys he will be.

After they won!

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