Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Year Anniversary Trip

We went to Florida to celebrate our one year anniversary. We left Thursday morning and got to Bonita Springs about noon. We went to eat at Pincher's Crab Shack. It was so good. We had crab cheese dip, coconut shrimp, and blacken mahi-mahi. Then we headed to the outdoor mall to shop while we waited for our room to finished being cleaned.

When we got to the hotel we got our swimsuits on and headed to the pools. My favorite by far was the lazy river!
Thursday night we went to eat at Tony's Pizza and go to Target to get some food for the next few days.
On the bridge after dinner

All the food we bought at Target

Friday we got up and walked around the resort to see what else was around. It was beautiful!

The front of the resort

These flowers were all over the resort
Us on a our morning walk

These signs were by all the ponds on the resort. I really wanted to know if there were alligators or not.
Friday all day we laid by the pool and hung out in the lazy river. It was so relaxing.

Friday night we went out for a big dinner celebration. The restaurant overlooked the bay. We watched fish jump all night. They said when the water is a little higher that alligators sit on the dock. I really wish I could have seen that!

We left dinner and drove around the area a little. We walked down to one of the beaches for a bit. Then we went to Marble Slab for some ice cream and to people watch.

Saturday morning we took the fairy over to the private island that the resort owned and hung out for the morning. There were seashells everywhere. I brought some back for my students to have. Then we just laid there and relaxed since there were not very many people.

We headed back at lunch time, took a quick nap, and went to get massages.

Funny story of getting a massage. It took me all week to remember when people told me congrats that they were talking about the baby not the anniversary. Still I had not caught on by day 3 when the massage therapist ask how many I had had? ( Which one of the questions on the paper work you fill out was how many massages you have had in the past.) So when she ask, I answer a lot. She said how many again? I said too many to count. She thought I meant babies and I thought she meant massages. I finally got it and straighten everything out! Retard me!

After the massage we shopped and then went to dinner early. We went to a local seafood restaurant. It was really good.
Saturday night we were going to play gator golf, but there was a birthday party of 35 in front of us, so we opted to go back and hang out on the balcony of the room and get packed up.

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and drove down to Naples for a little bit. I wanted to go to the pier to see what it was about. It was awesome. So many locals and tourist fishing off the side of the pier. Also, we watch the dolphins jump right next to the pier the whole time we were there. It was incredible the amount of sea life we saw while we were there. I love it!

Looking back up the pierThe locals on the pier

The dolphins jumpingRyan and I on the pier
We head to the airport and came home that afternoon. Heather and Adam were so sweet to take us and pick us up from the airport, along with while in Little Rock they got our wedding cake so we could eat it on Sunday night. Thanks you all!
Sunday night we ate the cake. It looks terrible, but it taste so so so good. I love frozen cake!
Overall, we had a great first year anniversary! I can't tell you how much I love my husband and how great he is to me!

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