Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camping with Style!

So, I told you a few weeks ago that Ryan, my dad, step mom, and I were planning on going camping. Yes, that really meant that I was going to sleep in a tent for two days and cook my food over the fire. Ryan and I love camping, but do not get a chance to do it very often. We were so excited that we packed our car on Wednesday for our Friday trip.
Thursday afternoon we realized that it was for sure going to rain or be severe thunderstorms over the weekend. So, that meant not go or make other plans. My sweet dad got us cabin in Low Gap, Arkansas so that we could still go. It was so awesome and small and I loved it!

The ceilings were low so it was like being in a tent. Everyone pretended that we were really camping. We never shut the doors and no one showered all weekend! It was so relaxing and carefree!
Friday night when we got there we unloaded and had ribs, baked beans, and salad for dinner. Then we played Phase 10! I won for the first time ever! It started to rain about 10 o'clock and rained all night until 9 the next morning. I was so so so so thankful for the roof over my head!
Saturday we got up and had biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs for breakfast. Then Ryan, my dad, and Tracey were going to go float the Buffalo so we went to town to get Ryan a kayak. Then headed back to get lunch. Right when we finished lunch it started to rain again so they waited. Then it finally quit and they called to see how the river was and the lady told them it was to high to float. So we went to see for ourselves. TRUE STORY! The water level is based on the air space under the low water bridge in Ponca. On Friday afternoon it was 28 inches of air space. When we went to see it was -2 inches!! It rose 30 inches overnight and that day! CRAZY!

Here is the low water bridge. You can't even see under it when the day before you could.
So, it was back to Jasper to return the unused kayak! Ryan was disappointed that they didn't float, but he knew it wasn't safe to do so. We drove around for a while then headed back to the cabin. On this journey I decided to make up my own song and sing it to Tracey. She laughed so hard her drink came out of her nose!!! I was so proud of my song!!!

We played card games in the cabin for a while, and then headed out again.
We went to see if we could find the elk. No luck but the scenery was beautiful!
There is lots of other wildlife that can entertain you while you are out there as well!
Breck enjoyed the ride with his dogoggles! He is more spoiled then I am or ever was! He a dang dog!!!!!
Saturday night we had pot roast and veggies. We played Phase 10 again that night and needless to say, I was the LOSER! Oh well, you can't win them all!

Thanks Dad and Tracey for the great weekend! We loved it!

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