Sunday, May 2, 2010

Urban Dare-Dallas

Ryan and I headed to Dallas Friday evening to meet up with my Dad and Tracey!
We were going to compete in the Urban Dare Race on Saturday. It is kind of like a one day Amazing Race.

Object of game: The Urban Dare challenge is to be the first team to cross the finish line after successfully completing checkpoint dares and getting required photos. Trivia questions can be completed in any order. Urban Dare is the team race that's part photo hunt, part trivia and part dares. Teams of 2 must solve clues to find checkpoints throughout the city. To move on they mist take a photo or perform dares to earn passport stamps. Each team must determine their own route to the checkpoints. Most teams will cover about 5-7 miles and finish in about 3 hours. Teams may run, walk, or use public transportation (subway or bus) to travel to each checkpoints. No other forms of travel are allowed (no cars, taxis, bikes, etc.) that you have the rules, I will tell you what we did and give you the clues!!

We started in a parking lot at 12:00 and you had to answer a trivia question to receive your list of clues. Everyone just ran for the clues even if they didn't get the trivia question right, so really it was pointless. We head straight for the UPS store to fax the clues to our "Home Base". Tracey's brother was at home looking things up for us and getting us address. We also called Adam Fite who helped us out with a clue! So we got the fax done and completed clue #6 while waiting!

Clue 6: Photo Hunt: Get a picture with someone not in the race doing a cartwheel and get your picture kneeling to propose marriage to someone not in the race.

Next step was to go outside and solve as many clues and we could and plot our route. We solved all but one. We had an address of where to head and headed off. It's about 12:45 at this point.

Clue 11: This song begins, "Now I don't hardly know her, but I think I could love her..." Get your picture in front of the Dallas store that goes by the name of this song, but spells it differently.

Clue 4: Shelly Hwang and Young Lee got together and collaborated in creating a new product that always featured one principle flavor- Original. Go to their store and take your picture getting an sample.

Bathroom break and now on to the next location! It was so freaking far away! But, the ice cream helped a little!

Clue 5: He once said, "i like whiskey. I always did, and that is hwy I never drink it. " Go to his statue for your wheelbarrow dare.

Dad and Tracey completing the wheel barrow race. Yes, I did it! I also yelled at the girl and guy in front of me because the girl kept saying she couldn't do it! My response, " Yes you can! I'm 6 months pregnant and I am doing it!" My dad has pictures! I will post them later when I get them.

Then we stop again to plan our next few clues. It was a much needed rest!

Clue 2: Get your picture with the art installation at the intersection of John Steinbeck story featuring Kino and a 1994 film featuring Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jame Spader.

Clue 8: This drink is traditionally served with three flies. Okay, so they're really coffee beans. Get your picture in front of an establishment that goes by this name.

Clue 10: Go to the oversize pair of owl statues for your spellbound dare.

It was at Hooters, and you had a word on the back of your Passport that you had to find the numbers that matched the letters and add them up. This didn't take long and I took another bathroom break!

Clue 3: The hand he was holding, when he got shot playing poke is know as dead man's hand. Get your picture in from of his store.

Clue 7: Get your picture with a plaque where the (CCXIV TIMES IX) Republic Bank once stood.

You can tell by this time, our happy faces were totally gone! My feet hurt so so so so bad!!! I was so ready to be done. We had also now gotten in the middle of the Immigration March which was a big mess to try to walk through.

Yet we still had two clues left!

Clue 9: Get your picture with the mosaic by Millard Sheets that graces a downtown building.

One more left!! I was moving extremely slow at this point! One clue left and head back to the starting point all in about 35 minutes!

Clue 1: "Build the news upon a rock of truth and righteousness. Conduct it always upon the lines of fairness and integrity. Acknowledge the right of the people to get from the newspaper both sides of ever important questions." Go to the park across the street from the building that bears this quote for your 3-legged dare.

This was the end of the line for me. I don't know if I was so happy to be done that I cried or if I was so worn out and Ryan was dragging me. I think it was I was worn out and wanted to sit and take off my shoes!

We finally finished and got on a bus for the first time all day! We had walked 7 miles and never took a bus! We were sitting and it was awesome. Got to the next bus stop to change buses and figured out that it was going to be 30 minute before the next bus came. We decided at that point to take a taxi. We got dropped off a block from the finish line and walked the rest of the way! We finished at 4:02. We showed them all our pictures and turned in our passport. I think we finished around 57th out of a little more than 100 teams. So I thought that was pretty good!

We will tell you about the rest of the trip later! I am worn out!!!

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