Monday, August 31, 2009

To yield or to stop?

Well, its official. I have now officially been pulled over twice as many times in the Altima than I ever was in my Jeep. All for stupid reasons if you ask me. Before you think I get pulled over all the time, it has been a total of 3 times in my 8 and half years of driving.

Once at the age of 16 for driving to close to the yellow line in Maumelle where there are no lights on the roads. The police officer ask me to walk the line. I was in my cheerleading top and pj pants. Needless to say I had never drank a day in my life and was terrified! Not only cause this police officer had me pulled over, but that I was going to be late for curfew.

The second time was after several warnings from my step-mom that my car would go faster than my Jeep. I guess I didn't listen because I got my car on Saturday and I was getting pulled over Wednesday at noon. He felt bad for me that I was in college and a nanny for kids who I was on my way to pick up and he was causing me to be late. OR that he couldn't prove that I was speeding since he had no radar gun!

Well, the third occurred today. I was getting on the interstate in Springdale when a State Trooper decided he wanted a better look at me. So, he pulled me over! He decided the reason for pulling me over was that I didn't come to a COMPLETE STOP at a YIELD sign! Who knew that was the new law? He asked for my driver's license which was in my trunk because I had put it there this morning when I got to work. I explained why it was there and then he asked where I worked. Turns out he knows a kid that went there so we talked about it. I guess being a teacher helped me out! He let me go without ever looking at my driver's license. What a nice guy he was! Though, I still want to see that law that says come to a complete stop at a yield sign when there are no cars coming!

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