Friday, August 21, 2009

Working Girl!

WOW! What a week it has been! Monday and Tuesday I finished up work week. Tuesday night had parent night at the school and met most of my parents and Wednesday the students came back! This week has been amazing, fun filled, and yet surprising in many ways!

Wednesday was so great. My students are perfect! I could not as for a better group of 12 students!!!! Yes, I said 12!!! It is so great! They all come in the morning and get right to work, no problems! They all love to read and will read at any chance you give them! I'm not sure if it is because I have rocking chairs and pillows or if they really just love it! On Wednesday we went over procedures, play get to know you games, and started the Arts with Education stuff. So far, they are loving it! Wednesday, I was a little stressed by the end of the day with learning all the routines and which door to take them in, how to get lunches for them, how to check them out in the afternoon, remembering to switch classes, how to line them up at recess (no not by class :) ), and which special they were going to. By the end of the day when I dropped them off at after school care the poor guy looked at me and said "I think you looked stressed, why don't you go back to your room and I'll take care of it!" Haha! I laughed so hard and said OK!
Thursday, I had it together so I think! It rained so we had indoor recess which was another experiences, but fine! Everything went according to schedule, I remembered to switch classes, took them in the right doors, and got them lined up on time. We are still always about 7 minutes late for lunch but, we are working on it!
Friday, it has just flown by. I got this down pat! ( Or that is what I tell myself) The students love the AWE (Arts with Education) stuff. We moved on to the one-minute challenges today. So fun to watch them think in a new way! I wish I could show you pictures but, I can't post them on my blog. Maybe one day I will get them on The New School website for you all to see.
So far, I feel like I fit in perfectly! Everyone is so nice and friendly! Mrs. Angel, the principal, came by to chat today and I just loved it! I graded lots of papers today, that I even brought some home to work on this evening.

I half way feel like I am keeping my life in order. I got my hair cut last night, picked up dinner, wash clothes, entertained Tim and Leigh, paid bills and tonight did the grocery shopping for the week or hopefully two weeks! And...I even managed to blog tonight!

To leave you I will share some of my favorite quotes of the week.

" Third grade is the best grade ever! I can't wait to come everyday!"
"Mrs. Sarah your the best teacher ever! You make learning fun!"
" I didn't know looking at a (text)book could be so fun!"

Least favorite quote:
"What time is lunch?"
I didn't know that was so annoying to teachers! I feel bad for asking as a kid! But, if that is my only complaint, I think I have a great life!

Last, this made my day, for those who know me well! We had the radio on during study hall and a students said to me, "That's a Kenny Chesney song!"
I knew I loved my kids! :)

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