Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last weekend, (I know I am really late)
Sallie Grace had her 1st birthday!

It was so much fun! Renee's dad grilled out for everyone and there was lots of dips! They had it outside which was so fun for the kids. There was all sorts of toys, bean bag toss that Rich made in the shape of a ladybug, face painting, and even a balloon guy! All the kids had a blast! My favorite part was when Sallie ate her birthday cake! She was so good all day!

Rich and Renee out did themselves with the party! It was so sweet! Sallie's cake!

Sallie got a new car from Renee's parents! She loved it! Look at that cute little booty!
She loves water bottles! And well, Aunt Sarah always lets her chew on one.

She even sat and opened her presents! Singing Happy Birthday to her!

Digging in! She didn't hold back!
She even feed Renee and Rich! It was so cute!

Then we played together for a while!Then Ryan played with her and he was helping her get a drink of apple juice!


Rich and Renee said...

You know she loves Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ryan!!! Thanks for being so special to us!

Mom of 3! said...

Hey girl... sorry I'm just now getting back to you! First of all, I love the whole ladybug birthday.... that is some cute stuff!

And there are 12 kids in P's class with 2 teachers. I can't even imagine 12 two-year-olds.... brave teachers!

Hope things are well with you!!