Monday, August 17, 2009

Life... is good this week.
Over the weekend I drove to Texas to see Clayton, my cousin, graduate college. I had lots of fun hanging out with the family. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Clayton and I afterwards

Me, Chase, Gran, and Clayton.
Mom and me at the rooftop party.
Here is a picture of the rooftop we were on. It was so awesome and had great views.
Megan and I hanging out by the pool.

I was the photographer for the graduation and party so I only have a few pictures that I was actually in. But I had a blast doing it!

School.... Well summer is officially over! 9 months till it is back!
This is the week my students will come back. I am so ready to meet them and get things started! I have been working hard in my classroom these last few days and I think I am finally ready. Tomorrow I will just be working on lesson plans and doing finally things before Wednesday morning! I can't wait to tell everyone about that first day!

Sorry, there isn't much going on in the Green household this week.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Mrs. Green. I know you will be the most awesome teacher ever. Glad the ponies made you laugh. Do you think that means G and G are ready for some great-grandkids? ;)